Saturday, July 02, 2005

Fixed Broken Layout in IE

You need friendly negative criticism.

Especially when you have a cred-neg

site malfunction or mis-rendering.

The best ally of a blogger is

a blog reader who tells you what's wrong

with your blog, your ideas, your tone.

If necessary, this benevolent reader

will use harsh or sarcastic language,

to shake you up and out of your lethargy,

your misconception, your failed execution.

A reader of my blogs alerted me to a problem.

I had a cataclysmic usability error:

sites not rendering correctly

on IE, while rendering perfectly on

Mozilla Firefox browser.

Large sidebar images were
breaking layout rendering in IE.

A good friend alerted me.

"You do know...[etc.]...don't you?"

I was able to recover an error-ridden

blog mess, a blog supposed to teach

and display best blogging practices.

And here it is, violating Rule #1:

download fast with correct rendering.

Usability Rule #2:

audience-appropriate appearance

(professional, artistic, academic,
scientific, scholarly, entertaining,
authoritative, innovative, etc.
depending on purpose and readership).

Firefox vs. Internet Explorer (IE)

Firefox is almost nearly always

near-lightning fast in most cases,

even on dialup internet connections.


blase, disinterested

pros and cons in



* jejune
jaded *

carries more credibility

than proper business writing

--in the online realm--.

[signed] Steven Streight aka Vaspers the Grate

fixed: broken layouts in IE

+ = -


carrie said...

oh, now i get it... like your enemy is your best teacher?

steven edward streight said...

More like only teachers are friends, only those who enlighten.