Saturday, July 09, 2005

Hate and Perfect Your Blog

Keeping hating your blog until you love your readers so much, you're forced to finesse it and whip it into overdrive.

Perfect your blog to the point that it collapses from its own infallible refinement.

Improve your blog until you sicken of its enhanced ugliness and vow to punish it for rebeling against tasteful decor.

Gaze in abject horror and rotten ketchup at the astonishing mediocrity of your beautiful blog, until you want to dash it to pieces.

Stare in disbelief at all the holes and halos. Be angered by the dearth of precision and the anti-plethora of consistency.

Swallow whole the bitter pill of denouement and detritus, the offscourings of off limits blog decomposition.

Imitate what no other bloggers do, sharpen your machete, chop through the clumps of tangled pixels and punctuations.

Hate your blog with all your heart, then you'll see how to heal it.



MARYBETH said...

My Blogharishi,

this is so much easier said

then done.

perhaps, tomorrow,

after securing new eyes,

I will see this in a different light.

Always with Gratitude,

Na m a s t e


steven edward streight said...

MB--you shall succeed in learning how to design your blog. I have decreed this and it shall come to pass. I have spoken.