Thursday, July 21, 2005

Hateful Happy Bloggers


bold, brash, brazen

belligerant bespectacled

big-mouthed bloated beatitudinal

bloggers...for blogocombat against

Hateful Happy Bloggers.

Digital diplomat dorks.

Hateful Happy Bloggers.

Who cares about negative comments?

Who cares about being accused of

negative blogging?

Who cares about imbecilic critique?

Who cares about their
hateful happy bloggerisms?

You know, the kind who try to shame you for speaking your mind directly, aggressively, and honestly, even harshly and hastily.

You know, the kind who try to guilt trip you for being you.

You know, the unphilosophic flutterers, flutter by butterflies with wasp stingers, dragonfly harmlessness, and moth-like fabric-delicacy gluttony.

Hateful Happy Bloggers

They scold you for "flaming", "baiting", "trolling", or otherwise being authentic, spontaneous, and sincerely opposed to their pet theories.

Scold you for defaming.

Scold for re-naming.

For blaming.


Happy Hateful Bloggers

Delirious with judgmentalism.

Ponderous with uppity-tivity.

The clogosphere is cliqueing with unclickable clackers like these.

(photo: alex preiss)

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carrie said...


steven edward streight said...

Less is more, I agree.

I see you figured out what specific Hateful Happy Bloggers I was refering to.

Well, done.