Monday, July 25, 2005

It's my bloggy and I'll cry if I want to.

Who do I think I am... say such things?

I get that all the time.

It's okay. I'm a patient type of person, due largely to being a gardener, a web usability analyst, and a web-metaphysician.

As a gardener, I wait tranquilly for the plants to bud and blossom.

As a web usability analyst, I peacefully examine client and potential client sites, looking for problems to fix.

As a web-metaphysician, I calmly deposit digital energy generators to transform violence and fear into joy and compassion.

"Yeah, sure, whatever--but...

what gives you the right to
say such inflammatory
things all the time?"

(1.) I say provocative things about blogs.

Why? Because I'm a blogologist.

I've been spending 10 to 20 hours a day researching, creating, and improving blogs. My own and those of clients and friends, and basically anybody who asks for help.

(2.) I say hateful things about malicious blogs, deceptive blogs, and unethical blog practices.

Why? Because I don't want innocent users to be harmed, and I don't want what happened with junk mail, telemarketing annoyances, mail order fraud, boring television programs and infomercials, and FM corporate radio mediocrity to happen to the blogosphere.

(3.) I say hateful things about oppressive religions, intolerant atheisms, and corrupt governments.

Why? Because I'm living in a country built on revolution, metaphysical upheaval, questioning authority, free speech, intellectual anarchy, and aggressive actions against tyrants and genociders. USA 1776.

Now...why do you say what you say in your blog?

Post a comment, if you dare, or email me, if you care.

I'm all ears, er, I mean, all eyes.

[signed] Steven All Eyes Streight aka Whimpers the Grape


carrie said...

it's like sending out smoke signals...
is anybody out there?

Voix said...

Blogologist. I like that.

Kinda like a philosopher, except more modern.

steven edward streight said...


Cool photo, wow, I really like that avatar, nice hat.

Thanks for giving me a new idea for a blog topic:

"What is a blogologist?"

Yes, it is a person who deals with the philosophy of blogging, the minute, excruciating details, the pitfalls, the technology, the psychology, etc.

MARYBETH said...

a Bloggers observation" perhaps a different picture,the peeking over the whatever the heck that is , is grating on my blogovision =)