Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Jejune Jumpers: first unblog in blogosphere

Jejune Jumpers.


No, it does not look nor act
like a blog. It's not a blog.

It's an unblog.

No posts.

No archives.

No comments.

No trackbacks.

No tagline description.

No about/profile.

No contact information.

No blogroll.

No sidebar badges.

No add-ons.

No author.

No links.

No interactivity.

An unblog.

Just a title,

image upload,

and a story.

Blog Deconstructed.

Template butchered.

Functionality abandoned.



which means

not "anti" or "pseudo" blog!


which means

using blogging software

for non-blog purposes.


Now, you go make one.

Hack into the template

and grotesque it.

[signed] Steven Streight aka Vaspers the Grate



James said...

Um; isn't that, y'know... a webpage?

steven edward streight said...

A web page of what?

No author, no affiliation, no profile, no purpose, no strategy, no maintenance, no updates, infinitely static.

Do you know of any infinitely static web page with all those other characteristics.

It's more a roadside billboard than a web page.

It's on the web, but there is no web functionality, outside of displaying in a web browser.

The Blogger button is there as a joke. Technically it's a link, but not a link relevant to the web object itself, only an identifier of what exactly has been mutilated, deconstructed, and liberated.

Floating free in the blogosphere, an unblog, and only barely a "web page".