Sunday, July 03, 2005

Mind of a Blogger

Mind of a Blogger

is a function of

research, analysis, devotion.

Mind of a Blogger

is a future of


Mind of a Blogger

has synapse sytax.

Ideas link internally.

Connectors cohere cogently.

Ideas linger euphemerically.

Bloggers are tougher
than non-bloggers.

I know someone who hates blogs.

They like to argue.

They won't post their thoughts

on the global public billboard.

They won't commit to a blog

and proper frequent posting.

Makes proclamations,

then tramples objections

instead of carefully


Your opponent has points

in his favor.

To not recognize this

is immature.

To dismiss an idea

without questioning it

and using it to question

your opposing idea

is immature, non-bloggy.

Bloggers are braver
than non-bloggers.

Bloggers are stronger.

are smarter.


Than non-bloggers.

Mind of a Blogger

is easy to recognize

so inquisitive

so sensitive to facets

so tuned in to immaterialities

so aware of discrepencies

so blunt, direct, accustomed

to feedback and defense tactics.

to flaming and deflammatory techniques.

to filtering out noise and nuttiness.

Due to monitoring comments posted

and fan email messages.

Fast at publishing post entries

and replies to reader comments.

Always pondering the next post.

Always answering the latest comment.

Always seeing the future coming.

Stronger. Smarter. Faster.

Be a Blogger Today.

[signed] Steven Streight aka Vaspers the Grate

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