Sunday, July 31, 2005

Peer into the art mirror

peer into the mirror of art and transmute its reflective surfaces Posted by Picasa

Peer Poem

peer into the mirror of art
and transmute its
reflective surfaces

balanced by bevels
the silvering comes
as a shock that rebounds,
drives back
the repulsion field,
until all you see is
what's not yet there

that's the art:
what's not yet seen

what you bring
to the silvering
and mirroring
you find within

auto-receptivity acquires substance
from what's best left unsaid

then recycles its residue build-up
in new forms of artistic expression

with blogs as reservoired regions
to burst in explosive overflow


you can improve your blogging
by repeated exposures to art

art in all its manifestations:


Look at paintings.
Hike through woods.
Listen to music.
Read some poems.
Rub a sculpture.
Touch a flower.
Smell a rock.
Taste a delicacy.

Meditate on, and try your hand at, styles that are considered "difficult", "controversial", "avant garde", or "new".

Try to intuitively sense why the artist used that medium, that style, that genre, that system, that material, those colors, that structure.

Best advice to a new blogger:

read classic literature
to improve your writing,

not just other blogs.

Learn and incorporate aspects
of universally acknowledged geniuses.

Read and Learn

There's a lot a blogger could learn from:

Jean Rhys
Edith Wharton
Jane Austin
Katherine Mansfield
Dorothy Parker
Doris Lessing
Mary Shelley
Shirley Jackson
Pearl S. Buck
Dorothy Sayers
Katherine Anne Porter

Accumulate selected energies and mannerisms of the best, play with their forms and substance, assimilate what you like, and watch yourself get better.

The mind is known by the company it keeps.

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