Tuesday, July 12, 2005

pseudo blogging

We've settled, you and I, in this site and over at Vaspers the Grate, what a blog is.

It's simply a platform for fast, easy web content publishing, consisting of reverse chronological posts from author and comments from readers, resulting in a two-way conversation with a micro-community.

Now we can ask, what is blogging?

What is genuine blogging and what is false, inappropriate, wrong blogging?

What is real blogging and what is pseudo blogging?

Basically false or pseudo blogging is simply a pretended real blogging.

Or, better: a non-blogging that poses as blogging.

Real Blogging:

1. actual, named, genuine author, with bio/about/profile

2. organization affiliation and contact info displayed

3. candid conversation of blogger with audience

4. blogger interaction with readers via email and comments

5. anecdotes, memories, feelings, questions, a humanized presence

6. no hidden agenda or ulterior motive

7. final destination, not merely an ecommerce or corporate site traffic driver

8. original writing (or "pre-surfed web" link logging)

9. honest, sincere passion for the topic, industry, and audience

Pseudo Blogging:

A link farm blog fails criterion 7, for it exists only to re-direct traffic to another site or sites, for search engine link popularity ranking boost.

A fictional character blog fails criterion 1 and 5, for it is an imaginary entity, with fantasy activities, dictated "opinions", controlled responses, and untrue stories about events that did not happen.

A blog without comments enabled or email displayed fails criteria 3 and 4.

A marcom-generated blog, a blog developed by a marketing communications team or consultant, with marketing staff ghost writing the posts and answering the reader comments, pretending to be the organization, CEO, or other representative fails criteria 1, 3, 4, 5, and probably 9.

A blogger for hire, pro blogger, or syndicated blogger...do they fail any criteria?

Consider this:

* to blog about news and topics relevant to the target audience, is this a real blog, if that's all it is?

* if readers post comments, they are then interacting, not with the company, but with a hired gun who is merely acting as a PR agent or a news aggregator.

* this then shifts the actual interactivity, conversational parameters: the organization sponsoring the blog remains distant from the consumers.

Is there a legitimate blogger for hire, pro blogger, or syndicated blogging scenario?

Or is this a pseudo, quasi, or partial blog?

What's your opinion about real vs. pseudo blogs?

Do you feel it's important to classify and define, at least for clarity and application of standards?

[signed] Steven Streight aka Vaspers the Grate


Hans said...

But who are the Blog Geniuses ?

I think you are one !

carrie said...

i think so, too.

steven edward streight said...

If you crave to know who the Blog Geniuses are, I just today started a new series at Vaspers the Grate blog, on Blog Pioneers.

Blog Pioneer Series of posts, hopefully one or two per week, mixed in of course with other posts, will examine a major essay, quote, or idea of an early blog innovator.

I have a list of around 20 so far.

CamWorld was first by random coincidence.


I ain't no genius, I'm a data compiler.

Anonymous said...

Twiggy! Twiggy! Twwwwwiiiiiiiiiggggggggggy!

steven edward streight said...

Oh yeah? I got your "twiggy" if you think you can handle it, anon.