Wednesday, July 27, 2005

rotten Chrysler tv commercials

Re: rotten Chrysler tv commercials

This is a post that would've been published at my old, discontinued Streight Site Systems site, since it deals with general advertising, and not blogs in particular. But I felt like putting it here, because this concerns marketing wisdom and business ethics.

How horrible are those new Chrysler television commercials?

They suck really really bad, from many angles.

But then again, automobile advertising is easily among the most brain dead advertising in the universe. It's been like this as long as I can remember.

Evil Car Commercials

It's unethical, malicious, and insane to show idiots driving cars at high speed, dangerously, threatening the lives and well being of passengers, children, and other drivers.

I guess the mediocre, unimaginative twerps making these lousy commercials have been playing Grand Theft Auto and other sick racing car video games until their brains spilled out their ears.

People under 40 won't know nor care who Lee Iacoocoo is.

He's no hero or legend in my mind. He's a ridiculous schmuck who got the U.S. government to use our tax dollars to bail out a bankrupt loser company making shoddy, gas guzzling, Arab-oil dependent automobiles.

What's Wrong

Here's what wrong with the new commercials:

(1.) Lee says the most important thing is "the deal".

Bullshit you silly old geezer. The most important thing is a superior product and great after-sale customer service.

(2.) Lee is presented as a person who will command respect.

I have nothing but loathing for the jerk. Nuff sd.

(3.) Lee and "George Castanza" are both no longer considered "hip" or popular.

How many sitcoms and movies has Jason Alexander bombed miserably in? I saw him on a late night talk show...and all he talked about was bowel problems, diarrhea or constipation or some other private, best left unsaid ailment. On and on he blabbered until I wanted to vomit in his shoes.

My comment posted on the Ad Rants
article "New Iacocca Chrysler commercial not a hit"

Lee I-Want-A-Coca is a schmuck who got taxpayer money to bail out a loser company.

Screw him and his "If you can find a better car, buy it" idiot line.

We have found way better cars, Lee, and we are buying them, in case you haven't noticed.

"Buy my product. Why? Because I make it." is not smart advertising, but this is what most commercials are really saying behind the dancing girls, meat and sex, old rock music, and bad acting.

"If you can find a better [____] it" is probably the stupidest line ever.

No creativity to it. No marketing logic. No consumer psychology. Nothing.

Written, [very likely,] by a coke head alcoholic who just barely made the copy deadline. The creative director should be tortured on C SPAN for the whole world to see.

Please, no more stupid car commercials!

[signed] Steven Streight aka Vaspers the Grate

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