Saturday, July 23, 2005

web usability and gardening

Web usability and gardening?

It's the Contemplative Garden Hoe.

My journal of gardening observations and insights, with applications to websites and blogs.

Why not?

I do it because...because I can.

[signed] Steven Streight aka Vaspers the Grate



MARYBETH said...

"Something they learned from Harry Pottymouth, the little wizard-dork who drinks out of the occult toilet like a dog."

wELL mR bLOG cORE vALUES.. i DARE SAY IT IS A sad day, WHEN A CREATIVE (MAN, (Ithink you are ) OR WOMEN( anyone could be as you said), AS YOU POINTED OUT IN CARRIES BLOG) ..

is unable and, or, unwilling, to put your very active critical ADULT HAT ASIDE.....

and bravely enter into the MAGICAl world of


( I am now practicing the very calming breathe you asked about yesterday.

((( loud rasberry))))

N a m a s t e ,

steven edward streight said...

Harry Potter and the invasion of witchcraft rituals are about one thing: manipulating others via silly "spells".

Ask Christopher Locke, co-author of the Cluetrain Manifesto, and author of Mystic Bourgeoisie book, what he thinks of the New Age occult movement and it's racist, fascist roots and agenda.

Witchcraft is insanity and evil attempt to manipulate nature or other people.

That's what spells and potions and rituals signify.

It is all horrible evil, and the children getting caught up in the HP frenzy are also gravitating to more demonic, Satanic books and practices.

Not an "adult critical hat" I'm wearing. I wear the "human compassion hat".

There is nothing compassionate about Harry Potter or any other occult BS.

I don't need magical realms, I have karma power, which rules all realms: you reap what you sow, not what you cast spells for.

But hey, no two people can agree on everything.

Destroying the occult is not my fight. I let Christopher Locke do that. He does it well. Also the book Flim Flam about occult rip offs and con artists.


MARYBETH said...

O.k. Steven I am laughing here...not at you of course, but the INTERPRETATION of such innocent , MAKE BELIEVE , SELF AFFIRMING and COMPASSSIONATE writings.
I have not read Mr Lockes stuff, but I am well aware that anyone can project there own NIGHTMERES, onto a persons writing , as they anylize it.
My goodness, Locke is missing the boat on the CORE VALUES of Harry Potter , one of them being COMPASSION!
Hmmmm... I wonder what terrors befell Mr Locke to view ROWLING's writing , with such a dark and disturbing twist.
As you pointed out Steven,

"But hey, no two people can agree on everything."

that is a universal truth.


Since the beginning of recorded fiction
magic and witches and wizards have been present
Did THE WIZARD OF OZ, ( now almost 100 yrs in existence)
increase the occult or Satanic worship by children??
Id like to converse with Mr Locke .
I would doubt he has ever read the HP series

carrie said...

i've read some of the harry potter stuff (because of the kids in my family) and i've seen a couple of the movies. they are entertaining, but i cannot imagine, personally, getting all excited over it as an adult. it's really not that profound.

i don't mean to talk crap about adults who like harry potter, but i think they should kind of keep it to themselves and not be so proud of it. i've seen SO MANY "grown-ups" acting utterly insane over the Harry Potter books. there are a LOT of WAY better books that have been written for young adults.

Harry Potter should be for kids.

i'm willing to consider that my opinion is biased.

MARYBETH said...

Hello again,

Speaking as an "ADULT", Carrie, you have hit at least half of ", WHY ADULTS LOVE HP", on the head!
"but I cannot imagine, personally, getting all excited over it as an adult. it's really not that profound."

you said it sister! its light. its a fun journey, its magical, its make believe, the characters are fun and fabulous! Its like taking "THE POLAR EXPRESS" to Hogwarts, instead of the North Pole!

Life is hard. and filled with endless profundities.
Grownups need a "Time out "
if only for 20 minutes on the train ride home.
The amazing cross generational appeal of HP, has created family interaction. reading together , or separate, yet talking, to each other, listening to each other.
Young people WANT TO BE IN A BOOK CLUB! Teenagers are spending hours reading, instead of dulling there awesome neuro chemistries with video games, T. V Watching, or fiddling with their cell phones.

With your permission and Stevens I would like to copy and paste the 4 comments regarding this topic and continue it over on my blog. I will await your aye or nay prior to doing so.

P. S. read at least the first book in the series from begining to end, if you havent done so already =)

steven edward streight said...

Like I said, this is not my chosen field of battle.

I'll let Christopher Locke attack the racist, manipulative, deceptive practices of the occult New Age, which includes Necromonicon, the Book of Lies, Aleister Crowley, Harry Potter, etc.

This is not my fight.

I have my hands full fighting for online information credibility pracices, integrity in blogging, and web usability.

I will a stray opinion here and there, but I'm more concerned with mocking the radical Islamic terrorists, cowards with covered faces and strong cologne to disguise bomb chemical smells.

I fight against the plague of blog comment spam and the idiot business bloggers who let it sit in their blogs.

That really gets my blood boiling.

I don't have the time or energy to devote to explaining why all sorcery and witchcraft is evil and how children are going insane as they dream of flying on broomsticks and casting spells on others.


carrie said...

i recommend Chronicles of Narnia and also The Golden Compass by Philip Pullman... that's a trilogy, I think.
those are great reads!