Friday, July 01, 2005

What Makes a Site BAD ?

What makes a web site or blog bad?

Here we go again, another post on The Red Couch/Naked Conversations that caught my eye and also got caught up in my opinion manufacturing wheels:

"Hugh MacLeod on Lame Sites"

Hugh states that, for him, a "lame site" is:

constructed by smart people who seek to

manipulate consumer behavior for their

own selfish benefit, not customer satisfaction.

Then Shel Israel also did something rather

extraordinary: asks if we know any lame sites,

if so, send URLs to him, "clue us in",

"looking for the worst in the blogosphere."

Sounds a little like my earlier

pondering of "Scumbag Sites I Have Known"

article to lambaste the lemmings and loiterers.

Or my more recent "Spam Friendly-User Hostile Site Shun List".

No matter. Good to see

other bloggers launch

at attack or two.

My Comment Posted on "...Lame Sites" Post

"Lame" is an unfortunate choice of words, meaning unable to walk..

...but implying more a "needing a lambaste",
and not just a "lambent" illumination either...

poor, halting, disabled, dysfunctional,
not in full power or effectuality.

"Dysfunctional Sites" might be better.

"Poor Usability/Bad Strategy Sites" even more exact.

"Site Failures" another nice term.

Since "lame" was the word chosen, I tailored my comment accordingly.

[QUOTE, my comment at this post]

Lameness of site is in the sight of the usability analyst.

If observed users express frustration, and cannot succeed in task assignments, the site is a usability failure, to whatever extent the users can be seen to fail at it.

Lameness of site is in the sight of the blogologist who can spot certain dysfunctions and optimizations that an untrained, less experienced critique may miss.

Lameness of site is in the sight of users who will respond instantly to poor design, which is the first mode of credibility.

Lameness of site is in the sight of the administrator, if the site is not performing according to client's goals and needs. [EDIT: added for this post]


What I'm driving at it is this:

a web site or blog must fulfill

certain goals or purposes to be

a successful site.

We need to look at a site

from various angles,

from different perspectives.

One site owner or blogger

may have very different goals

or success criteria and

measurements from another blogger.

But each blogger or site owner

needs to think about focus, goal,

purpose, results desired.

For many personal bloggers,

the goal is self-expression.

For many business bloggers,

the goal is obtaining new clients,

more customers, increased sales.

What is your site's purpose?

[signed] Steven Streight aka Vaspers the Grate


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