Saturday, July 09, 2005

Who Can Be a Hardcore Blogger?

Who can be a hardcore blogger?

It's not easy, quality blogging.

It's not satisfying, blogo-combat.

It's not popular, sticking to core values.

Almost anyone can start a blog, and many can post their writings, photos, and other content.

Some may even post frequently, and a few will stick at it for over two years.

A fraction will post frequently, for over two years, will defend the blogosphere from all threats and attacks, and will keep evolving, learning and practicing more and more.

That's your Hardcore Blogger.

Sooner or later a blogger decides how to expand and express.

Many just enhance their blog design, change hosts and blogging platform, or get good at cultivating an online audience or community around shared interests, though not necessarily uniformity of opinion.

Some improve their writing skills, by posting frequent essays, and by reading well-written blogs by others.

A few feel a spark in their head that points them to pursue the study of:

(1) HTML

(2) CSS

(3) web usability

(4) digital photography

(5) image optimization

(6) digital art

(7) pixel mechanics

(8) blogology

(9) written composition

(10) debate skills

(11) contemplative path

(12) visionary wisdom

(13) computer networks

(14) web design

(15) psychology

(16) anthropology

(17) philosophy

(18) marketing

(19) consulting

...and many other relevant fields.

That's your Hardcore Blogger.

A few will be obsessed with

improving their blogs in every way.

A few will devote large chunks of

time and effort to tweak and tune.

A few will even strive for total

perfection and onrushing innovations,

regardless of who reads, comments, or cares.

That's your Hardcore Blogger.

There's a blogger who pokes fun at,

and makes jokes about the blogosphere,

but is proud to be a blog pioneer of

the third and fourth waves,

and will argue about blogs and bloggers

with an overpowering, triumphalist zeal.

That's your Hardcore Blogger.

There's a blogger MSM types fear.

There's a blogger governments

seek to silence and destroy.

There's a blogger who continues

for sheer love of blogging.

There's a blogger who continues

in spite of no support or understanding,

in total disregard of popularity and fame,

in complete indifference to MSM persecutions.

That's your Hardcore Blogger.

[signed] Steven Streight aka Vaspers the Grate


MARYBETH said...

GOod to see ya here Dear Vaspers,

1.. what is MSM ??

2 What is an RSS ??

3. We should make a podcast show

I picture a Lake Woebokin type series, but all about the blog world.

another blog friend of mind mentioned somthing about having a blog conference. I told her i havent a clue as to what it is, but if it means gathering folks together then i am in.
Hope my e-mail made its way to you today.

steven edward streight said...

MSM = Main (Morbid) Stream Media: television news is usually refered to primarily, plus secondarily newspapers, radio, magazines, etc. Monolithic mediocrity, same-o same-o entertainment, imitative and unimaginative, outmoded conglomerate mind control fiasco.

RSS = Really Simple Syndication of web objects, feeds of blogs and other online or wifi or whatever I don't know nor care much about it.

It's so complex and poor in both usability and functionality, RSS is right now a joke only the really tuned in know how to laugh at correctly.

Theoretically it's supposed to be an easy and fast way to monitor headlines, first x number of characters, or full posts of blogs.

I'm not that much of a blog fanatic to want to monitor hundreds of blogs, there are only a few worth monitoring, plus many worth occasional visits.

Podcast? Yeah, and get Carrie and Scott in there too. And Karen Ruby. Chris Ritke. Una. Bennett Theissen, Blog Hater Extraordinaire. Paul Woodhouse. We'd have a laugh and a half.

steven edward streight said...

blog conferences = sit around listening to people say "blog" and "blawg" and "blug" all day and night, or say it yourself.


carrie said...

i am a hardcore blawgger cuz i don't have a job and i have a limited amount of responsibilititititiiess.
in my life.
at this point in time.
and also cuz i like to process everything through my blog.
well, most things.

steven edward streight said...

In short, Carrie, your blog keeps you from trouble? Ha.

Process things thru the blog, a good aspect of Hardcore Blogging, the main thing really, and it took a comment to point this out.

This is why comments are the backbone of the blogosphere, not blogger posts.

I toy with ideas of deconstructed blogs, a blog with no posts, but tons of comments interacting with each other.

Er, I guess that's a BBS. never mind, then.

carrie said...

i thought it would be cool to arrange a blog that is specifically for conversations between particular individuals. just a home base for conversation.
actually, i have done something like this.
and i still think it should be done more often.

steven edward streight said...

Closed circle? Password protected reading and commenting privileges?

I should send you a username and password for my Future Blog wiki.

I need to get that thing going. Or you could start one yourself, at JotSpot.

Very similar to Blogspot, in that it's free, easy, quick, but I have not done much with it, so that's a highly tentative review.

It's easy to set up. But some functions, not sure about. Like adding pages.

But yes, I bet you could butcher a blog template and you know how to do graphics too.

MARYBETH said...

Carrie- id love to pay you to design my blog.

C* S i am almot always up for good conversation!

Steven what is blog wiki? is it the encyclopedia thing i clicked once and was , as usual...baffled and confused.

How can we do a pod cast??
I m liking this idea.

any recommendations on what wireless lap top is a good purchase?

I want to be able to stay connected as I travel the next few weeks.


carrie said...

in re: payment for help in designing your blog.

unfortunately i don't feel like i want that.

i would enjoy helping you, though.
my first bit of assistance is this:
you could start up a new blog template just for practicing and go to this site
which is where i learned what i know.
you are also welcome to email me.

strangely enough,
i'm kind of lazy.
you probably wouldn't think that.
i may seem like some sort of blog-over-achiever. but, i'm not an over-achiever at all. i have next to no ambition other than to try and avoid harming others as much as possible.

steven edward streight said...

A wiki is like a blog on steroids or LSD.

A wiki is a collaborative web site, where people other than the author or originator can add, delete, or alter content to many or most sections of the site.

Wikipedia is one of the most successful wikis and I link to it often, for definitions.

I have also added and altered content on Wikipedia, though administrators removed a few things I added about Guy Kawasaki and his horrible, anti-consumer concept of "Don't Worry, Be Crappy" (ship shoddy, then issue upgrades and new versions later as you laugh all the way to the bank).

I have an inert wiki right now called The Future Blog wiki. A wiki about what the future of blogging may become. I really have to kickstart that thing soon. Maybe today. Wanna password and username? It should be a lot of fun.

I can write something, and you can rip it to shreds, rather than just post a comment on it, you can actually change it.

It will take me several hours to go through all the details like adding new pages to it, and enabling signed contributions rather than anonymous, etc.

We could have our own blog conference where we say the word "blog" so many times our tongues fall off and rot in rebellion.

A podcast? Sure. Why not?

Laptop? Can't help you there, don't have any recommendations at the moment.

"I do know everything, I just can't remember it all at once." -- a slogan on a doily I got for my wife, Andrea, a refrigerator magnet.

If you travel through Peoria, Illinois that's where we are and Andrea and I would love to take you and yours to some cool places, like Sullivans.

Sullivans, on Friday night, has free food, all you can eat smorgasboard: spicy BBQ ribs, jumbo fresh peel and eat shrimp, salmon, tacos, bratwurst bobbing up and down in beer like submarines, prime rib, pizza, strawberries, watermelon, a huge feast spread out, cooked right there, fresh, not heatlamped to death, and more food than a king could eat with his minions, a bizarre banquet, at an Irish bar. I'm taking Paul Woodhouse aka Tinbasher there when he shows up.

Andrea and I will be going to North Carolina later in autumn. Her son is in the Army stationed there, his wife is an MP.

We're a very militant family, though I'm a pacifist born in Fort Knox, Kentucky Army hospital. I'm a peace warrior, I guess you could say. Aggressive pursuit of non-aggression?


myBlogGuide Sam said...

Blogger doesn't let you leave trackbacks, but I wanted to let you know I left some comments on my blog regarding the "hardcore blogger"
Thanks for some great stuff!

steven edward streight said...

Thanks Sam.

I visited your blog and seeded it with comments. Hopefully they will provoke your lurkers to post comments, too.