Sunday, August 21, 2005

Donald Trump vs. email

Donald Trump vs. email

What does Donald Trump think about email? blogs? web sites? computers?

Would you like to see Donald Trump debate Bill Gates?

I would.

For now, here's what I dug up on Donald Trump and email. I must thank Karen Ruby for tipping me off about Donald Trump's blog, which has been up since May 2005. Have any marketing bloggers even noticed that he has a blog?

I don't understand how anyone can "have no use for e-mail", but then again, I have no use for texting or IM or podcasts.


It's a known fact that I'm no technophile.

I'm on record as a being someone who has no use for e-mail.

That's just because it doesn't fit my personal style.

Regardless of my own relationship (or non-relationship) with computers, I'm well aware of how pervasive technology has become, and how it's a driving force in every aspect of business today.

It's certainly a big part of The Trump Organization, and I'm fortunate that I'm able to hire the most highly skilled technical people available to do what needs to be done.


Comment Posting Problem
at The Trump Blog

Apparently, Donald Trump has not hired the sharpest knives in the drawer. When I tried to post a comment under a post about gas and oil prices, here's the message I received:

ADODB.Field error
Either BOF or EOF is true, or the current record has been deleted. Requested operation requires a current record.


The Trump Blog is using a captcha visual recognition device to prevent automated spam comments. But I know that I entered the correct information in the captcha entry box.

This is not good. When I have a comment rejected at a blog, due to a malfunction of a comment field, I generally never return to that blog.

[signed] Steven Streight aka Vaspers the Grate



Karen said...

Hey Steven,

Actually, the blog only went live about a week or so ago.

The Trump University site was up longer than the blog.

Regarding email:

"Email is for old people"

Karen said...

Hey, did you see that Sean Penn commented on the 'The High Price of Gas' post? It will be interesting to see what other celebrities have to say on Trump's blog.

Btw, the error you received was a database error. (BOF = beginning of file, EOF = end of file).

Steven, perhaps you are being too hard on his blog. I seem to remember you having some technical difficulties a while back. :-) Perhaps you're being a little harsh. Doesn't Trump get any credit for diving into the blogosphere and getting his views out there? I found the site pretty interesting and very professionally designed.

steven edward streight said...

Sorry, I didn't mean to be super critical of The Trump Blog.

It's just that with his financial resources, I would expect a lot more out of his blog than from mine.

You follow my blog somewhat, so you should know I've been having problems posting comments on various blogs, and it seems to be database errors all the time, and not my being blacklisted.

Comments are vital in blogs. When the comment function fails, this is a serious problem.

I am glad to see Donald Trump with a blog. But cheering celebs for having a blog seems like applauding them for having a cell phone.


I wish Jacques Derrida had one, but now he's dead. So far, no dead people have started any blogs, except for Dracula.

carrie said...

cell phones are such a racket-- i do not consider them to be affordable in any way.

Paul Woodhouse said...

Is that Trump effort some kind of bizarre spoof?

I'm focussing on the damn post about oil and how some tough-headed business negotiator could go over and sort those Saudis out.

I presume he's referring to himself in the tough business negotiator roll.

By all means, Donald, let's have a little celebrity businesss negotiating show where people like you trot into Iraq and bang some heads together.

With any luck the Trumpster's head might get lopped off by some insurgent. That is if they unplug it from up his own arse.

Whilst we're on the subject of arses: were you aware that trump is a synonym for fart in the UK?

We've never taken that shredded- wheat-haired numpty seriously.

Oh, both Sean and Christopher Penn turning up to comment. One would be weird enough, but both?

Things are getting weirder.

steven edward streight said...

I've changed my mind about the Dump, I mean Trumpet, blog. I despise it.

And I despise Donnie Trumpet for tooting his own horn so much it makes our collective ears hurt.

During The Apprentice show, I heard Donnie Trumpet toot off about he is really not opposed to female business executives using sex appeal in conducting sales or other professional transactions.

So all he was doing was encouraging women to come on to him.

And his famous quote "The best way to help the poor is to not become poor" is equivalent in unethical poison to "The best way to help the Tsumami victims is to not become a Tsunami victim".

It doesn't take a French deconstructive philosopher to see through The Trumpet's sinister agenda of self-exaltation and selfishness. While his casinos are teetering on bankruptcy, and he doesn't care much about his casino partners, according to Mark Cuban on his Blog Maverick blog.

You will not see me jumping up and down for joy when a celebrity or famous business figure "starts a blog".

Big deal.

I am one blogologist who is not weeping over the sluggishness of businesses and celebs to start blogs.

I don't want all business figures and celebrities to start blogging.

Who says that would be a good thing? Not me.

The narcissistic, selfish, grandiose characters should stay out of the blogosphere. We don't want them polluting it.