Sunday, August 28, 2005

Nametag expert blog inspires

Scott Ginsberg, the world's foremost expert on nametags, has an inspiring blog. And his blog is going to be at the top of a new sidebar list I'm developing called "Daily Must-Reads". You really ought to consider getting to know this blog, for it's entertaining content, valuable ideas, and excellant writing.

Imagine: people hating and attacking someone, just because he wears a nametag 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, everywhere he goes.

Imagine: taking a simple little thing like a nametag, and building a life philosophy around it.

Imagine: using an inexpensive nametag as a powerful marketing tool.

Behold the power of seemingly "insignificant" things.

Scott Ginsberg, "the nametag guy", publishes a blog, Hello my name is Scott, that I plan to visit more often, and more regularly.

He's similar to me, and the opposite of me, simultaneously. His marketing ideas are similar to mine, but he's nicer than me, and his posts are generally more positive than mine. My posts tend to be critical, complaining, and warning of negative developments and detrimental trends.

Some remarkable, witty, and informative posts:

* The origination of the handshake

* Are you different or unique?

* Does online social networking actually work?

* Not even the windy city can blow this nametag away

* 5 Exercises to Enhance Your Personal Expertise

* What the heck does "approachability" mean?

* American Foundation for the Blind evaluates blogging

Read astonishing tales of what happens when he wears his nametag in environments that are hostile to anyone who dares to be "different". Such as bars and nightclubs, or baseball games.

Highly recommended, greatly satisfying, clever and edifying, the blogosphere needs more blogs like Scott Ginsberg's. Thanks, Scott for enriching our lives and improving our business acumen.

Visit his blog today, and consider both blogrolling it, and posting something about what you liked or learned in one of his posts.

He is worthy of such attention, and I'm sure he'll appreciate the praise.

Scott also has two published books available:

(1) Hello, My Name is Scott: wearing nametags for a friendlier society

(2) The Power of Approachability

See his site for more details.

Also see my earlier post, Scott Ginsberg: Nametag as Marketing Strategy, which contains a full text by Scott, in which he explains his innovative Nametag Philosophy:

[signed] Steven Streight aka Vaspers the Grate



steven edward streight said...

NOTE re deleted comment:

Someone calling himself "Alex Marlin" posted a comment that I considered, then deleted.

Why delete it?

It had comment spam type message along the generic lines of "Nice blog. Just cruising the web, looking for high quality blogs. Good job."

Then he left a URL to his site.

Folks, this is classic comment spam, even if he did not mean it that way.

Comment Spam:

(1) short, flattering, generic message

(2) URL to unknown blog or web site, which may be dangerous, like a Trojan, virus, or spyware/adware attaching site.

Sorry, Alex, but if you're a web builder, you need to learn about netiquette and how not to appear to be Comment Spam in your comment posting.

Lacey said...

What kind of loser responds to comment spam? Good lord steven get a life.

steven edward streight said...

Lacey: I'm sorry that, since you're probably 13 years old, male, and a fart joker and Harry Potter worshipper, you don't understand what I'm doing here in my blogology blogs.

I explain and "respond to" comment spam to help my readers to deal with it, to identify it, and to prevent and frustrate it.

If you do nothing, if you let it sit in your blog, or ignore it, or just delete it, without telling your readers what's up, then your blog or whatever you think you have, is not user friendly.

But thanks for showing your lack of concern for readers.