Friday, August 26, 2005

The Private Path

The Private Path

Friends and fans, allies and supporters, Vaspers the Grate, the author of the blog of the same name and Blog Core Values, and other blogs, is not in a good mood today.

I'm angry.

Sometimes, the very people that you are trying to protect will rise up against you.

[some content deleted]

My life is very complex and bizarre right now.

[some content deleted]

Try this little experiment.

Decide that you will take a bold and brave stand for Truth, Justice, Innovation, Goodness, and Infinite Creativity.

Decide that you will consider as enemies every manifestation of Lies, Unfairness, Mediocrity, and Imitation.

Then watch what happens.

You will be hated, attacked, and shunned.

I guarantee this.

What causes the average person to rise up against these disgusting enemies?

By being screwed too many times by religion, politics, education, family, government, companies, social groups, neighbors, the opposite sex...whatever.

[some content deleted]

I really do trust and believe in Truth, Justice, Innovation, Goodness, and Infinite Creativity.

[some content deleted]

Please forge your own path in life.

A very Private Path.

Do not trust bosses, family members, government, politicians, gurus, friends, pastors, priests, media, or even your own random thought processes that you mistakenly designate as "self".

Question, question, question...everything.

Most institutions and individuals are lying manipulators. If you think I'm being excessively cynical, just wait and see. You'll eventually discover that I'm correct.

Travel a Private Path.

Use your own mind to discover truth and goodness.

Visit blogs and complain, post harsh but sincere comments. Do not swallow everything that a blog or authority figure tries to ram down your throat. Critique my blogs, your parents, your government, your family, everything. Always. Be relentlessly skeptical.

I'm saying this in total compassion and concern for YOU.

Churches, temples, corporations, governments, universities, political parties, media...most are full of lying bastards.

Trust only your inner guidance, your experience, your gut feeling, but question that also, because...

...nothing human is infallible.

[signed] Steven Streight aka Vaspers the Grate


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