Saturday, August 06, 2005

You Blog for You

You blog for you.

If you're a hardcore, dedicated blogger, you don't allow yourself to be distracted by praise or condemnation.

You don't worry about how many comments you get.

You don't care about how many other bloggers blogroll you.

You aren't upset if no one cares about your blog.

You blog for you.

Even if you're a business blogger, hoping to attract clients, drive traffic to your ecommerce or company web site, or sell items right on your blog...

...still, ultimately, you blog for you.

Why do I say this? Because it's easy to start a blog, get some visitors via various methods, accumulate lots of comments at your blog, and have other bloggers raving about you...

...then suddenly, with no explanation, for unknown reasons, hit a slump.

One day you wake up, and everything's all different. Your loyal fans have disappeared. Other bloggers may be shunning or complaining about you on their blogs. The media is heralding other blogs as innovative or great, blogs you feel are vastly inferior to yours. You can't figure out what went wrong.

You puzzle over it. You read your last several posts. You wonder if you shifted in a direction that alienated your audience, a direction that the blogosphere is not headed toward.

You analyze every little
detail of your blog:

Should I change my design template?

Post shorter articles?

Quit using humor?

Stop displaying art and photos?

Post more comments at other blogs?

Try to be sweeter and less aggressive in my writing?

Add more practical value in my posts?

Include more hypertext links in my text?

Add more syndication options?

Check the functionality of my RSS feeds?

Make sure my blog is rendering properly in IE?

Maybe you should.

But maybe not.

Maybe the problem is with the others,
and not with you or your blog.

Remember this the next time you hit a slump:

People are fickle. They go from one hot thing to another hyped thing. Most folks are mediocre, unimaginative, and confused about many things.

If you're a unique, clever, wise, artistic, metaphysical, philosophical, ethical, innovative, contrarian, experimental, radical, intelligent, what a large number of strikes against you!

Most people drift or are driven toward the trivial, the vain, the hyped, what is: unwise, a quick thrill, easy reading, non-challenging, safe ideology, status quo, charming and familiar.

Whatever the case may be, a problem with you or a failing in others, still, ultimately, You Blog For You.

Keep blogging. Keep improving. Keep tweaking. Keep posting comments at other blogs.

Keep exploring and discovering new blogs and bloggers you feel are worthy of mentioning, blogrolling, and posting about.

For every fan you lose, for every enemy you make, go out there and acquire ten more to replace them. Even if you can't replace them, keep blogging the best you can.

You may be tired of hearing this, but it's worth repeating, I think:

Blogging's main effect is on the blogger.

Blogging is an effective way to improve your thinking, writing, computing, and networking skills.

So dear friends, fellow bloggers out there, whoever you may be, cheer up!

You Blog (Ultimately, Primarily, Essentially) For You.

If others benefit and compliment you, that's just icing on the cake.

[signed] Steven Streight aka Vaspers the Grate



Hans said...

As in every art you need a long breath.

steven edward streight said...

Hello again my friend who recently did a podcast with my buddies at 49 Media.

I think I understand your meaning, that we need to have much energy, stamina, endurance, patience.

Hans said...

Steven, whats about skype ?
My skype-name is: grijsz

Spo said...

wise words sir - first time i've come across a site that analyzes the blog concept so well

steven edward streight said...

Grijsz: I don't have a Skype account, and I prefer writing to talking, I faveor email over telephone.

Spo: Thank you for the compliment. You have nailed what it is I am attempting to do, and that is to be the foremost blog analyst who examines and elucidates every little detail of blogging.


elizabethbriel said...

Steve, have passed the site on to some who are just starting their blogs - particularly this post.

Hits the root of attention seeking and questions of motivation right-on.