Monday, September 12, 2005

help for new bloggers

Help for New Bloggers

We who have a little time and experience in the blogosphere bear a responsibility to help those who are are new bloggers.

Helping new bloggers, or "blog babies", should be on our top priority action lists.

Educate new bloggers, help them with good advice.

Think back on the things about blogging that puzzled you, when you first started your blog. What things were hard to understand? hard to do? hard to remember?

Did you learn how to add badges to your sidebar? how to decorate text? how to compose hyperlinks? how to identify, monitor, and prevent comment spam? Share that skill by explaining how to do it, on your blog, for your readers' benefit, no matter what type of blog you operate.

More experienced practitioners must look for and accept all opportunities to lend a hand, give a boost, or prop up a drooping flower in the garden of bloggery.

Seasoned blogocombat vets can couch and even train others in estoric attack vectors, clandestine self-extinguishings, and subliminal nomenclature dethreading techniques.

Other Things Blog Babies
Need to Know:

How to modify blog templates and configure settings, for everything from post time-stamps to email comment notifications, with detailed explanations of the benefits of, and potential hazards of not complying with, recommended settings.

How to handle complaints, filth, abuse, crazies, and comment spam.

How to compose a URL for a blog.

How to write posts and post titles.

How to increase comments.

How to sell services and products (HINT: almost never do it).

How to react to reader comments.

Why quick response to each reader comment, or at least often within a long thread, is mandatory.

How to stack your sidebar contents.

How to introduce variety, controversy, and surprise into your blog.

Benefits of a strategic comment posting strategy.

How to promote blog posts. (NOTE: Not blogs, but their individual posts.)

How to have a constant flow of great ideas for new blog posts.

How to please and benefit a loyal following of readers.

How to contact, intrigue, form alliances with, or offer opposition to so-called "A List" bloggers.

[signed] Steven Streight aka Vaspers the Grate

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