Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Vint Cerf Google Internet

Vint Cerf.

Vint Cerf: Inventor of the Week

All, or most anyway, of my favorite things all rolled up in one cluster-x perigluma.

"Google Hires Internet Legend Vint Cerf"

Google Press Release: Vint Cerf

With its hiring of

Vint Cerf,

internet pioneer who has been associated with the invention of many aspects and functions of interactive, networked systems, including the Interplanetary Internet,

a network designed for linking space stations, satellites, shuttles, expedition crews, and extraterrestial bases and exploration teams, with various earth networks, via intermittent signal, sporadic connectivity networks built on the email model, rather than the IM model...,

"Vint Cerf Joins Google"
John Battelle

Google [shows, displays, manifests]...

cached cachet to lure great minds.

Svengali cabinet of curiosities to lure great minds.

threshhold jumping and deep end thinking.

penetrating and parenting the future.

Google anointed
Vint Cerf



net evangelist,"

but announced

to go with the title,

saying only that he would "help Google....."


"Computing Pioneers Discuss
the State of the Net

Vint Cerf & Bob Kahn

>>>>I was yesterday what I was not today.<<<< Vint Cerf will help Google.

"Vint Cerf on the InterPlaNet"

"Vint Cerf is taking the web into outer space"
Wired 8.01

[signed] Steven Streight aka Vaspers the Grate

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Hans said...

But when will you be hired bei the big G ? Steven ;-)