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Blogging and Percy Bysshe Shelley



Percy Bysshe Shelley


Blogging is Liberty
Expressed in Writing

A blog core value is Creativity.

Ask any artist, poet, sculptor, painter, musician.

To Create, one must be Free.

Art and music and literature and the plastic forms are All About Freedom, creative explorations, unbridled imagination.

"How did she ever come up with that painting, song, filmscript, dress design, recipe?" we wonder.

The answer: she was free to let her mind roam. It may have even been habitual, a continuous feed of creative thought and artistic inspiration.

Please keep that fact in mind as you blog or post comments on other blogs. You contribute to human emancipation every time you read, recommend, email the author of, or publish a post or comment at, a blog.

Not that all blogs are worthwhile, relevant, truthful, accurate, or without bias. But as a good family culture helps a nation be great, so a good blogging culture helps the blogosphere and the plight of humanity, most of which are still in shackles of some type, metal or meNtal.

Every time you freely express yourself, your ideas, your dreams, your complaints, your criticism of government, family, society, institutions... are acting in liberty.

Some of my readers may live in countries where they must be careful about what they say, write, and publish in any form. We bloggers are fighting for your total freedom. Some day it will be.

Even if you cannot fully express all your thoughts, you can still think independently and keep your thoughts to yourself. Or veil them in poetic, symbolic, clever code language.

I know a woman whose daughter has traveled with missionaries in some repressive countries. The daughter, when in these dictatorial regimes, uses secret language in emails to her mom.

I won't give you any examples, but they are very clever. I don't want the tyrannical authorities to have an inkling of what these poetic code words are, but I'll just make up some of my own as an example from fantasy, rather than reality.

"Your color is being poured out of the paint cans." might mean your presence is missed and we love you very much.

"The sky is bright with moon rays" might mean we received your message last night and it cheered us considerable.

I happened to re-discover some old books that I bought, then tossed into a closet, bookshelf, or box.

One of those books is SHELLEY: POETICAL WORKS, Oxford University Press, 1970. Edited by Thomas Hutchinson: a new edition corrected by G.M. Matthews.

Here is one of the poems, found on page 622. Notice how Shelley compares "liberty" with "lightning flashing, and being transmitted from person to person, city to hamlet, nation to nation.

The free nations, massively far from even a vague semblance of integrity, are nonetheless, miraculously, somehow transmitting Liberty, from nation to nation.

Blogs are helping Liberty to flow and grow.

Blogging and Percy Bysshe Shelley

I like to read the following poem as a symbolic description of blogging and the immense, overwhelming Power of Independent Thought, Religious Freedom, and Eccentricity.

This poem is worth memorizing to impress your friends with.

"From a single blog, the posting flashes, illuminating all the world to see."


Percy Bysshe Shelley
(Posthumous Poems, 1824)


The fiery mountains answer each other;
Their thunderings are echoed from zone to zone;
The tempestuous oceans awake one another,
And the ice-rocks are shaken round Winter's throne,
When the clarion of the Typhoon is blown.


From a single cloud the lightning flashes,
Whilst a thousand isles are illumined around,
Earthquake is trampling one city to ashes,
An hundred are shuddering and tottering; the sound
Is bellowing underground.


But keener thy gaze than the lightning's glare,
And swifter thy step than the earthquake's tramp;
Thou deafenest the rage of the ocean; thy stare
Makes blind the volcanoes; the sun's bright lamp
To thine is a fen-fire damp.


From billow and mountain and exhalation
The sunlight is darted through vapour and blast;
From spirit to spirit, from nation to nation,
From city to hamlet thy dawning is cast, --
And tyrants and slaves are like shadows of night
In the van of the morning light.

[signed] Steven Streight aka Vaspers the Grate


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My home and wife are a real blessing, and my current explorations of a whole new realm of experimental music make me happy.

But many many other things are causing tremendous anguish, sorrow, and mournfulness, feeling in union with the suffering of certain family members.