Monday, October 10, 2005

creative music band names

music band

give us bloggers a hefty amount of inspiration, and it sadly seems that some music band names sound better than the band themselves.

Be that as it may, let's look at some creative, imaginative names that musicians have decided to call themselves. Remember, these are actual names of actual groups.

* Sicilian Vespers

* Total Sound Group Direct Action Committee

* Electronic Music Composer

* Dead Meadow

* The Fiery Furnaces

* Sex Pistols

* Celibate Rifles

* Vulgar Boatmen

* The The

* The High

* Desperate Bicycles

* Nervous Eaters

* when people were shorter and lived by the river

* Young Marble Giants

* Tuxedo Moon

* Mouse on Mars

* I Don't Care

* Champion Birdwatchers

* August Moons

* Dead Artist Syndrome

* Cabaret Voltaire

* Chemicals Made from Dirt

* Neutral Milk Hotel

* The Sixths

* My Dad is Dead

* Dead Horse

* Gong

* Caroliner

* Lt. Caramel

* Sleep Chamber

* TV Personalities

* Felt

* The Adverts

* The Only Ones

* The Nobodies

* The Plasmatics

* Bubble Puppy

* Balloon Farm

* Fever Tree

* Mad River

* Electric Prunes

* Virgin Prunes

* Tape Beatles

Now, whew, what weird music band names do you know of?

Post a comment to add your favorite strange band names to this list.

Thanks for your input.

[signed] Steven Streight also known as Vaspers the Grate

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Andy Merrett said...

Prefab Sprout

carrie said...

God Hates Figs is a funny website. I think a band should be named something about Figs.

steven edward streight said...

Andy: Thanks for the Prefab Sprout name. I forgot about them.

Carrie: I don't know about figs, just ate some fig bars, fig leafs covered Adam and Eve, Jesus cursed a fig tree that was unproductive. Go figure.

But I have a saying I invented:

"The mind is just a figment of the body's imagination."

I have a book somewhere, probably my mom's house, called Volume, which is a directory to 1977 to 1983 punk, alt, new wave recordings. Should dig that book up and look at the band names in it, do a Part Two to this post.

An original band name is hard to dream up. So many millions have already been used.

For ex: if you start the band name with a color, you'll have hundreds who have already used that color:

Blue Aeroplanes
Moody Blues
Blues Magoos
Wonders in Blue

Pink Fairies
Frigid Pink
Pink Freud (a band name I used for a while in the early 1990s, spin off on Pink Floyd)

Green Day
Green River
Al Green
The Echoing Green


steven edward streight said...

How could I forget a favorite:

Blue Cheer

Andy Merrett said...

On colours:

Deacon Blue
Deep Purple
Black Sabbath
The White Stripes
The Violet Burning
The Indigo Girls

More Weird ones I have heard of:

Miranda Sex Garden
Ned's Atomic Dustbin
They Might Be Giants

More Weird ones I've never heard of:

A Cat Born In An Oven Isn't a Cake
Admiral Poopy Pants and His Dancing Teeth
Afghanistan Banana Stand
Aggressive Crotch Display
Army of Prawns
Crispy Ambulance
Flatulent Chicken
Heavy Vegetable
Heywood Trout Festival
Iodine Raincoat
Rage Against the Coffee Machine
Unspeakable Chicken
Zen for Primates

steven edward streight said...

Andy: you've "never heard" these bands? You can't mean you've "never heard of" them, or else, how can you speak of them?

Crispy Ambulence--I owned their first LP, ordered it from Wax Trax in Chicago, where I used to buy almost all my music in the 1980s.

More band names:

Thee Headcoats
Sheer Smegma
The Heroin Queers
The Homosexuals
Mary's Den
Mary's Danish
Chocolate Telephone Pole
Disturbed Furniture
Black Monks
Future Sound of London
London Underground
New Age Steppers
New Christy Minstrels
Vomit Launch
Vanilla Trainwreck
Violent Femmes
Trip Shakespeare
Wilkinson Tricycle
Ex Cops
Cop Shoot Cop
The Teardrop Explodes
Brand X
Xmal Deutschland
Xhol Caravan
Half Japanese
Balloon Farm
Bubble Puppy
Demon Hunter
The Chill

Andy Merrett said...

Yes, I'd neither heard, nor heard of, them, as I found a list of band names.

steven edward streight said...


Andy Merrett said...

Cheating really...

steven edward streight said...

Andy you make Vaspers laugh his socks off. It took a while before the humor of your comment hit me.

You copy and pasted a list of weird band names you've never heard OR heard of, which you now admit was underhanded and slimey of you.

I agree.

You horrible evil monsterous monstrosity you.


"cheating really....'" ha ha ha

steven edward streight said...

The Popeye Experience

The Apartment

Syphilis Sauna



I Martelli Pneumatici

The Sand

Disposable Air Sickness Band

Atomic Butterfly

The Suede Tones

Happy Elf

{all are on Weirdo Music or Comfort Stand sites}