Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Experimenting with BlogPulse (1)

Experimenting with BlogPulse (1)

I just dispatched a letter to BlogPulse, regarding today's session with their BlogPulse Profiles service, that tracks links, citations, post frequency, comparative rank, post material sources, blogospheric "neighborhoods", and other aspects of blogs.


Results of metablogical searches on my Vaspers the Grate blog were inconclusive, due probably to my two week involuntary absence from the blogosphere, due to house moving and a broken scapula. I'll try again later and see what occurs.

BlogPulse Profile results for Blog Core Values, however, were more substantial.

Remember: It's being called "BlogPulse Profiles BETA", so they already know it's not as perfect as they expect it to eventually be, hopefully.

Now, my letter delivered electronically a few minutes ago:


I will be using BlogPulse Profiles in an avant garde art form manner: experimenting with its functions and data results from blog searches.

I am about to write a post at www.vaspersthegrate.blogspot.com

that will critique and promote BlogPulse Profiles...

...in my unique style of complain and kiss tech writing.

Neighborhood is particularly odd.

I was looking at neighborhoods for such blogs as my own Blog Core Values, plus blogs of friends: Jeremy Wright's Ensight, Dvorak Uncensored, Tom Peters, Photo Matt, Brand Autopsy, World's Dullest Blog, and The Red Couch.

Half were "not ranked, no posts available".

The others had very strange "Neighborhoods" that to be honest with you, I'm afraid to visit.

QUESTION: How are "Neighborhoods" determined for a blog, what algorithms? What software do you use to do this determination.

QUESTION: Why are parts of the Profiles up to date with a blog (Rank chart), while other parts lag by months (Post Titles)?

QUESTION: Why are many high traffic, popular blogs "not ranked"?

Thanks for an interesting service, that I will be blogging about and promoting in my blogs from time to time.

Steven Streight aka Vaspers the Grate


Additional Note: I think they may be using all blog file formats to rate, rank, and relocate into a "neighborhood" of "similarity".

As my blogs contain lots of photos and digital art, these graphic objects may be skewing or crazing the algorithmic code creatures prowling the blogosphere in search of blog activity and content.

Here are the blogs that were said, by BlogPulse Profiles, to be in its "neighborhood" of "similar links and content":

Blog Core Values

BlogPulse Profiles BETA
(similar links & content).


(2) What a Long Strange Trip It's Been

[This is a link farm blog: it contains copy and paste content on Balzac, medical marihuana, and long lists of links. The main content seems to be lingerie. This blog is a mess, and is one of the "pseudo blogs" I've been warning people about. Soft porn is buried in here. The tagline uses that new agey "namaste", thus it's pretending to be spiritual. Incredibly bad.}

(3) The Revolt and The Revolting
(4) La Vita e Bella
(5) The Wisdom of Eric Elofson
(6) Strategic Communication in My Head
(7) The Beardsley Family Homepage!
(8) Lembaga Pengawas Sukan
(9) Independencias
(10) Montreal graffiti

I do not include nor embed the URLs for these sites, since I'm not sure how safe they are.

Unknown sites can be malicious and may attempt to attach spyware, adware, Trojans, worms, etc. to your computer and network.

I have Firefox and firewalls, and so forth, but I still exercise caution in web navigation.

Here's more . . .

****(TECH NOTE: To verify accuracy, just visit BlogPulse Profiles, then type in the URL for each blog, and click-select "search", then click-select "Neighborhood", the last category in the navbar near top of page.)*****

Dvorak Uncensored

BlogPulse Profiles BETA
(similar links & content).

(1) A daily dose of snark
(2) No capital
(4) myparent 7777's journal
(5) 50% Crazy, 50% Angry, 50% Sad - Clicked - MSNBC.com
(6) Canadian Cynic
(7) Magpie
(8) plasticbag.org
(9) AppleGeeks
(10) Aghenor


BlogPulse Profiles BETA
(similar links & content).

(1) Boing Boing
(2) Traffic-Internet Search Enlightenment
(3) BuzzMachine
(4) Scobleizer: Microsoft Geek Blogger
(5) Rauru Blog
(6) El espacio de Lubrio
(7) mozillaZine feedHouse
(8) Chetan's monologue
(9) Parking in Bitterman Circle
(10) "Jacob Applebaum's Journal"


BlogPulse Profiles BETA
(similar links & content).

(1) Blog Consulting and Professional Blogging a View from the Isle
(3) Quamana Blog
(4) Search Engine Journal
(5) The Blog Herald
(6) Blog
(7) TurboBlogger.com
(8) Blog Tips-ProBlogger
(9) Scobleizer: Microsoft Geek Blogger
(10) cameron reilly

[signed] Steven Streight aka Vaspers the Grate


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