Sunday, October 30, 2005

Monarchist blog has prestige design

Monarchist blog has prestige design

My first quick impression of The Monarchist blog was of overwhelming prestige, credibility, professionalism, focus, and sincerity. But this is all based on a cursory, rapid scan at the colors, design, and topic headings.

I have not travelled down many links here, but my point is this: blog design matters.

Your blog or web site should appear congruent with your purpose, audience, and overall credibility that you wish to convey.

Each type of audience and objective has its own set of user expectations. An appropriate design will make a favorable impression on visitors to your site.

Credibility studies indicate that most users determine within a few seconds if a blog or web site looks "right". If the site has an amateur, sleazy, or childish look, users will depart and never return. Too many ads is also repulsive to users, especially if they're placed at the top of your blog.

Content may be king, but design is queen. Your potential readers will turn swiftly into Never To Returns, if your colors and design are annoying, amateur, or just ugly.

Bleak, sterile, bland looking blogs don't cut it anymore.

Spend a little time learning some HTML, some CSS, and some web design principles for readability, usability, and beauty.


carrie said...

that actually does seem like a cool blog. i like the subject matter of the posts and the pictures.

steven edward streight said...

My first impression was wow. A simple but powerful prestige design, good organization, kingly.