Saturday, October 01, 2005

Not Diaries, Not Amateur Content

Not Diaries, Not Amateur Content

Business schools, like Wharton, corporations, like Chrysler, and individuals are still improperly understanding the nature, definition, and usage of the blog. They are still robotically parroting what someone told them a year or more ago.

What are the misunderstandings I find prevailing all over the old and new media?

All the mistakings and misgivings related to blogs can be summed up in two major errors.

Blogs are considered "diaries" and "amateur content". Wrong. Blogs are not limited to the confessional personal diary, nor are all blogs unprofessional.

Blogs are everything. Most of the types and status levels of human society are represented in the blogosphere.

Who blogs?

Police. Artists. Industrialists. Mothers. Politicians. Gardeners. Philosophers. Realtors. Marketing Consultants. Scientists. Teenagers. CEOs. Professors. Seniors. Poets. Birdwatchers. Musicians. Restaurant Owners. Actors. Web Designers.

What is the content of blogs?

Photos. Podcasts. Digital Art. Cartoons. Videos. Audio. Text. Links. Feeds.

What are the content types?

Personal Anecdotes. Expert Advice. News Reports. Professional Opinion. Scholarly Remarks. Fictional Stories. Satire. Product Reviews. Tutorials. Poetry. Political Commentary. Philosophical Asides. Scientific Research. Private Confessions. Dogmatic Diatribes.

There are diary blogs, digital journals. But not all blogs are diaries.

There are blogs by amateurs. But there are also blogs by professionals.

The power of blogging begins with the correct understanding of what blogs actually are, in reality, as they are currently being used, and by whom they are being used.

[signed] Steven Streight aka Vaspers the Grate


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