Monday, November 28, 2005

Blog vs. blogoid object

Blog vs. blogoid object

I mention the term "Pseudo Blogging" so often, I thought it might be nice to offer you a fresh definition, and a closer look at a couple of common decepto-blogs.

"Pseudo Blog" definition

The pseudo blog is not a real blog, it's a false thing in disguise. It shares some aspects of the true blog, while it deviates sharply from certain essential features.

You've seen them, haven't you? These fake blogs?

They call themselves "blogs", or someone on the internet refers to it as a "blog", but when you arrive, soon enough, you notice things aren't quite right.

Something odd is going on.

Cut & Paste Pseudo Blog

This pseudo blog simply takes content from other blogs and slaps it in as a post. There is generally no original writing, no commentary.

Even VTG material has been stolen and inserted into these slimey things.

Very carnivorous and anonymous, slippery, disconnected bloggery garbage floating on the edges of the blogosphere, barely in the realm.

Link Spam Pseudo Blog

You see very little, or no, content. Instead, lists of links, usually to gambling, pharmaceutical, or real estate loan "businesses".

This is the type of blog comment spam commonly links to. I am mostly going by what I've heard, for I will not foul my computer by visiting a comment spam link. You risk getting infected with spyware, print command loggers, Trojans, and other malware.

But I have visited some of these Link Spam Pseudo Blogs, when doing a Technorati search on my blog titles, and I thereby detected one of these blogs linking to my blog, or to a post at my blog.

Comment-disabled blogoid objects

You go to what you think is a blog.

You read an interesting post. It makes you think, laugh, or get angry, maybe all three. Now, you're fired up.

The post has triggered a strong reaction in you.

You have something clever and relevant to contribute in response, but... can't post a comment.

There are only "email this to a friend" or trackback functions, or no interactive functions at all. It's not a two-way communication vehicle.

You're face to face with either a valid "link log" (like Robot Wisdom), a blog that has no comments because it offers no commentary to the links it displays, it's a "pre-surfed web" blog, providing suggestions on interesting sites you could visit...

...or it's the dreaded, aberrant, unilateral "blogoid object".

I say it's not normal, because a blog's most distinguishing characteristic, besides being a revolutionary global self-publishing system based on universalized web content, is what it has in common with a slow chat room.

Blogs are conversation machines, not preaching pulpits. We already have enough one-way propaganda platforms for passive reception.

A blog post is meant to both inform/entertain and to provoke a reaction.

A blog post is responded to via a comment. Then another comment reacts to the post, the previous comment, or both. And on it goes. This is what makes a real blog.

A blog without comments is like a closed bulletin board that only administrators can post to. Visitors must shut up and listen, or not type and just read, then go away.

A non-comment enabled blog is like a Listen Phone, where the other side does all the talking, and you only have an earpiece to hear what is said, and cannot speak back. What good would that be?

A blog is an online conversation, where everyone's voice can be heard and valued to some extent.

Fictional Character Pseudo Blog

This is the type of fake blog that got the blogosphere all shook up several months ago.

A company needs a spokesperson. Some genius decides the CEO, Marketing VP, and Sales Manager are not suited or qualified to be that representative. So a "creative" person suggests they "invent" a personality to blog for the corporation.

Voila: instant recipe for sudden disaster. Customers don't like dealing with automated options on telephones, so what makes you think they want to interact with a blogger who's a Mysterious but Opinionated and Colorful Non-entity, or a Filibustering Donkey?

Mr./Ms. CEO, they mostly want to talk to you.

Not a cartoon or an imaginary person. Customers have real world problems to solve, and a Sagacious Talking Sandwich is not going to inspire any confidence in your company or products. Nor is it a wise customer loyalty-development strategy.

A character who does not exist, and who has adventures that never happened and illusory friends, how can this fantasy creature aptly present your corporate message and product line?

Ronald McDonald, Mickey Mouse, and a few other branded fictional characters could be successful as bloggers.

But to make up a character, with little relevance, or a contrived pertinence, and try to force it on the public, not good. They want to speak to a real live person, hopefully with authority to get something done, or tell someone who can.

There are also other types of Pseudo Blogs, which I've discussed in my archives, and I plan to discuss afresh in upcoming posts.

[signed] Steven Streight aka Vaspers the Grate



carrie said...

raymi decided to not have comments on her blog anymore. if you want to see, the link to her blog is on my blog. i won't provide it here cuz that might be like spamming. maybe this is like spamming. but, anyway, she decided not to have comments because (i think) she got tired of them. or something.

steven edward streight said...

I don't recall who raymi is, but how does one tire of conversations with readers?

Too much arguing? Too many naysayers? Too much trouble?

I don't get it. But I suppose it could happen. I just can't think of why.

carrie said...

she puts them back eventually. i think it is just to throw off/dissuade the lame commenters from coming back?

steven edward streight said...

Ooops. Now I know who this wreck Raymi is. I don't know why you like her blog, but I can't stand the witch.

And I don't want to see tits on a blog or anywhere else. That's pandering to the junior high school porn heads.

She deleted a comment I posted, just because I said her mams were ugly and her cat was stupid. Big deal. Compared to what she says in her blog, my comment was mild.

Raymi is not tired of comments, she's tired of people accusing her of being sleazy and retarded, IMHO.

Is it a vanilla trainwreck, a delicious mess that a person can't help gawking at?

Not my cup of green tea.