Wednesday, November 02, 2005

blogging is revolutionary

blogging is revolutionary

[NOTE: This is an exact replica, with alternate title, of a recent post published at Vaspers the Grate, republished here.]

I, the supreme commander of the blogophilic forces engaged in domestic defense of the blogosphere itself, I must thunder again from Mount Sinai:

blogs are not


online journaling,
political ranting,
or web marketing.

blogs are not
digital diaries.

blogs are not
online vending machines.

blogs are not
mini-web sites.

blogs are not
colloboration hubs.

blogs are not
confession booths
of trivial travail.

blogs are not
public email
message boards.

blogs are not
slow chat rooms.

blogs are not
another channel for
public relations,
political advocacy.

blogs are not
photo/art display pages.

blogs are not
outlets for self-expression.

I mean, the blog is all
these things, and more

But the real, historic significance, the essential reality of the blog is this:
the blog is

Web Content.

No other communication zone, aside from word of mouth and telephones, has been universalized.

Every one has a mouth, that typically can generate sounds that can be taken as language.

Every one has a telephone. Did you know that homeless people are turning into geeks? They are using mobile phones to establish credibility on job applications, and to network with each other and various services.

Every one can have a blog. Even homeless people can use a library computer or make friends with someone who has a computer and internet access, or use a computer at an state funded public employment agency, or a college. Usually all you need is an ID card.

Blogger makes the creation and maintenance of a blog simple, easy, and reliable for all, at no charge for the basic service.

Blogs are about revolution,

about overthrowing the
information hegemony
of the Morbid Stream Media,

(1) blogs are all about--smart mouthed, overwise, triumphalistic, invincible, ideological thought war activism

(2) blogs are all about--disloyalty proliferation, niche eating, establishing dominance in a not yet existing market arena, proclaiming the doctrines of a future philosophy that has not yet been thought.

(3) blogs enable us to install
our expertise, our passion,
and perhaps our products... a theoretical space,
a conjectural market
with no consensus-reality yet,
and no consuming entities.


Then the "not yet" turns into a "now yes".

Ideological Definitions
of "Blog"

Blogs are the opposite of terrorism, as they champion fearless, independent thinking.

Blogs are the democratization of global information.

Blogs are the voice of the consumer rising up against corporate bullies and frauds.

Blogs are the grassroots with marching boots.

Blogs are the mirror image of translucent data delivery.

Blogs are the new two-way communication interaction machines of the mind and beyond.

Blogs are electro-telepathic.

Blogs are archives of the collective consciousness of humanity.

Blogs are upheaval, challenge, iconoclastic, anti-establishment, corrosion of tradition, usurpation of mass media, light-speed quantum leap of individual mind to the total overmind of accumulated belief-system scrapyard dog cruelty kisses.

Blogs blow minds, build bridges, bend business, betray bulge and bilge.

The early bloggers were antagonized, persecuted, marginalized, outcasted, and in retaliation, they began their own secret communication channel.

Blogs were first called "What's Next" pages within networks that connected geeks, academia, computer/software manufacturers and technical services, and the military.

Blogs did NOT start as "What My Baby Did Today", "Why I Want You to Buy My Products", or "Why Politician X is Bad and Politician Y is Good" sites.

Blogs began as technical information exchanges.

Let this sink into your mind and memory.

Blogs were "logs" or displayed and archived lists of other internet resources, activities, products, software, servers, and all things related to the computing community.

While the jocks were slurping beer and watching other men touch men in contact sports, the "nerdy geek computer freaks" were inventing a whole new world and a way to navigate it.

The blog, at its primal root essential core, is not a confession booth, political platform, business tool, or ideology transmission tower.

Blogs are a new way of communicating, interacting, and networking for human beings.

[signed] Steven Streight aka Vaspers the Grate


carrie said...


steven edward streight said...

Could you please be a little more concise?

My readers don't have time to read dense paragraphs of rambling overtures and prolix denouemnents.

Please let others have a chance to reply. Your lengthy responses are taxing the nerves and patience of loyal lurkers.


MARYBETH said...

Oh My...

VTG is back with furor!

Good to see your words again!

N a m a s t e,

steven edward streight said...

Just the facts, ma'am, nuttin butt the fax.

A facsimile universe of our uncalling, not of our doing, looms like a sewing machine over our ethereals.

carrie said...

i know i should elaborate more, but i have writer's block.

steven edward streight said...

One cure for writer's block is to increase artistic, creative, entertaining, spiritual, whatever, input.

New input yeilds new ideas hence new writing.

New experiences. New contemplations.

Or the very opposite: fasting.

Fast from things, not just food. Deprive yourself of items normally operative in your life, like television, music, talking, video games, books, movies, radio, sports, nature, business, especially things that you spend a lot of time at, maybe too much time at, and see what happens.