Sunday, November 27, 2005

Blogocombat: angry vs. passive

Blogocombat: angry vs. passive

I feel that my Vaspers Web Group, especially the blogs Vaspers the Grate and Blog Core Values, are a training system.

I'm attempting to train myself first, then others, in blog ethics and blogocombat. You really need both to be a New Super Blogger creating Blogosphere 4.0

What's worse?

Nice Wimpy Blogger: An ethical blogger who won't fight wrongs and malefactors, who trusts the delusion that everyone will like them if they try hard to please everyone?

Bloggy Hate Monger: An argumentative fight-picking blogger, with no moral goal, just showing off how clever or aggressive he can be?

I'll tell you what's worse, and all religions will probably back me up on this on. To your shock and dismay, the Nice Wimpy Blogger is by far, far and away, the worse. Give me the Bloggy Hate Monger any day.

This is not to say that I approve or incite random hate. Nor do I encourage bloggers to be bullies, sadists, or mind gamers.

I see the New Super Blogger-Blogosphere 4.0 realm to consist of soft-hearted, iron-fisted champions.

New Super Bloggers are highly intelligent, fearless activists for truth, justice, victory, free expression, democracy, universal compassion, and peaceful strength.

Sadly, it's easier to convert a Bloggy Hate Monger to ethical principles, than it is to get a passive, shy, timid Nice Wimpy Blogger to get some guts, some ambition, some furious fire about an injustice, scam, or act of brutality.

"Yeah, that sucks" is about all you get from the Nice Wimpy Blogger.

Then they go back to the comfort and pleasure of thinking about their own lives, what they possess, what they hope to have. I'm here to tell them what they'll never have: guts.

New Super Bloggers
of Blogosphere 4.0

I want all bloggers to be nice, but powerful.

Be charming, but stubborn.

Be sweet, but take a public stand.

Be smart and sophisticated, but mingle with the dumb and crafty.

Be kind, but hit hard and fast, when necessary.

Be open-minded and fair, but be a perpetually recurring nightmare to the enemy.

I'm not saying "stop being nice", although too much niceness can be a curse, especially in situtions that call for resolute conflict, confrontation, and combat. There's a time to smile and a time to scowl. A time to be gentlemanly and a time to punch a guy in the nose as hard and fast as you can. (Ecclesiastes paraphrase.)

If you're a Bloggy Hate Monger, sooner or later it will seem like the entire world is against you, you'll be so full of bitterness and hostility, you'll run out of targets and point it at yourself and the universe itself.

At this point, you'll seek spiritual substance to anchor the self. Then you'll be ready for the 9 core values of blogging, ready to join the war against the source of evil and stupidity itself.

I'll show you how, if you'd like.

You don't have to please me. You can be as passive and indecisive as you wish.

But what are you then accomplishing with your brief and sorrowful life? Self aggrandizement? But the unenlightened self is transitory, and has no intrinsic essence, longevity, or value.

Think of your fellow bloggers
who suffer for being bloggers...!

We need to stand for something more than paltry self-expression for self-centered auto-euphoria and vainglorious narcissism. So many bloggers fall in love with their own reflection as manifested in their self-expressive blogs.

But blogocombat heroes are hearing the trumpet call, and are serving the blogosphere with their fortunes, reputations, and even their lives. Some bloggers are inventing secret code language to bypass religio-fascist or secular-state totalitarian government censors. Some bloggers are being killed or imprisoned just for being a blogger.

Watch how the bloggers are swarming corrupt, selfish corporate behaviors. We, along with certain sectors of the MSM, and other activist segments of society, are even causing changes to occur. Product re-calls. Revision to corporate policies. Greater sensitivity to the Voice of the Customer and Individual.

Us nobodies, we're publishing blogs now. Now we will tell you how things are going to be from now on.

We blogocombat troops are making a big stink about anything we dislike, anything we feel is against the people, anything that is stupid, selfish, or bordering on criminal.

For example, the unseemly Sony rootkit DRM in recent music CDs.

Let this be a lesson in "Don't F*ck With Us, Mr. Corporation --yours truly, The Blogosphere 4.0"

[signed] Steven Streight aka Vaspers the Grate

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