Saturday, January 28, 2006

Brazil blog quotes Blog Core Values

What does this quoted Spanish text say?

I just got done reading in Naked Conversations that there are almost NO Spanish language blogs, compared to USA, France, South Korea, etc.

Well, here's a blog in Brazil, that quotes part of one of my posts.

Technorati "Other Blogs That Link Here" search produced this post, which I quote here. There is a Google and a Firefox function that will translate this, but while I dig around for the Translator Tools, I thought I'd put this up and see if a reader can translate it for me.


A nossa esquizofrenia, além de ficar exposta publicamente, é alimentada pela contínua curiosidade e teimosia em querer domar esse mundo virtual que lhe explode nos olhos, lhe hipnotiza e lhe escraviza. Se você não sente isso é que não experimentou - não foi fundo o suficiente.

Olha só o que esse cara diz:

Your blog *will* produce results, if you keep at it.

How long?

Who cares? Just keep at it. Keep...

improving / learning / listening to readers / visiting high quality blogs / posting comments at other blogs

e ...: publishing frequent posts.

Mas se você quiser a tradução correta de tudo isso em uma só palavra: TEIMOSIA!

Leia mais aqui!

E por falar em revelação - sempre fui fiçurado em Corvette. Ok ok, os blogs também revelam você pro mundo. Mas como é que deu certo? Nem a bruxa do Lewis explica!


Anybody out there who can read Spanish? I know I have readers in Brazil, Mexico, and Argentina, according to SiteMeter.


MichaelBates said...

That's definitely Portuguese, which is the language of Brazil. renders the part before the quote like this:

Our schizophrenia, besides being displayed public, is fed by the continuous curiosity and stubbornness in wanting to domar this virtual world that blow up to it in the eyes, it hipnotiza and enslaves to it. If you do not feel this you are that she did not try - the sufficient was not deep. It only looks at what this face says:

The part after your quote:

But if you this in one alone word to want the correct translation of everything: STUBBORNNESS! It reads more here! E for speaking in revelation - I was always fiçurado in Corvette. Ok ok, blogs also discloses pro world to you. But as it is that it gave certain? Nor the witch of the Lewis explains!

No idea if that's a good rendering or not, but it gives you the sense of it, anyway.

steven edward streight said...

Thanks Michael Bates.

This doesn't seem to be complimentary toward my thesis that a blogger must stubbornly continue to blog, regardless of comments and praise.

Maybe he misunderstood me.

I was not saying, "Be maniacally obsessed with blogging."

I said: "Don't worry about your blog's popularity and readership numbers. Keep at it. Don't be a quitter. Be a winner. Persevere."

Words to that effect.

carrie said...

that's very interesting. it must mean that you are evil and so are blogs. ;-) right?

Volney Faustini said...

I only realized today that you wanted my post to be translated.

Sorry to come late. I think I got it right: to persevere and to be stubborn - giving shoulders to your blog's popularity. If it comes, ok. If it doesn't, ok as well.

But once you come to terms with blogging, it's just impossible not to become dogged on it (or even addicted!).

BTW this is how I would try to express myself in English: Our schizophrenia besides being public exposed, is relentlessly fed by our curiosity and stubborness
to tame this virtual world that explodes in your eyes, hipnotizes you and enslavens you. If you don't feel it it's because you haven't tried yet - haven't gone deep enough.

This man says ...


But if you want this whole text translated in one word: stubborness!