Sunday, January 22, 2006

Doc Searls adds to my Blogosphere 2006 list

From the Doc Searls Weblog, Saturday, January 21, 2006:


A ('nuther) list
Over at Steven's Streight's (see below) Vaspers the Grate blog, he has this excellent headline: Feeding cat steak to mice* is what I'm doing here at Vaspers the Grate. Oh, my friends, I see victory, triumph, and a new blogosphere on the horizon.
He also points to the Srategic Board Aggregator, which lists the 100 Top IT Sources. #1 is Scoble. #2 is Dave Winer. #3 is Steve Rubel. Gapingvoid is #26. Niall Kennedy is #89. Kevin Burton is #100.


Ad vice

Steven Streight has ten suggestions for improving the blogosphere in 2006. I have one more: ads the reader actually wants to see. Who's gonna be in that business? Any takers?

[VASPERS: Thanks Doc. Yo Roc.]

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