Monday, January 30, 2006

Example of Friendly Blogocombat

Here's an example of friendly blogocombat, or blog debate. A search for truth.

D.L. Byron, a smart blogger, sort of scolded me about my last comment there. He said I was perhaps a bit "bombastic" in my scolding of publishers who don't fact check books of "memoirs", regarding Oprah and the "Million Pieces" book con job.

Here's the topic thread, three comments appended to the original post, "Why Oprah Won't Have to Holler at Scoble".


29 Jan 06 | steven streight who is vaspers the grate Enemy of MSM and Pseudo Bloggery wrote …

I also blame the freaking lazy, cheap-ass publishers for not fact checking. That is their job, like it or not. They used to hire college interns and such to do it. This is Psycho Capitalism, Super Mediocrity striking again.

I read some excerpts from that Million Pieces book. I’ve lived in the East Village, NYC, played in punk bands, been a hippie, been a bohemian, etc….and nobody in their right mind would believe this stupid, exaggerated, hyperbolic book.

“I wanted to smoke a mountain of crack, drink an ocean of whiskey, smoke 50 million cigarettes in one hour…” stuff like that.

“I awoke on the airplane in a pool of blood and vomit” etc.

Silly junk from a little twerpy fool. Look at him. He did all that stuff? No freaking way, man.

Rumor going thru the blogs is that the author tried to shop it to publishers as a novel first. I have to check this “fact” first, so please don’t quote me. ha ha ha.

Morons, all.

30 Jan 06 | -b- wrote …

That’s a bit bombastic Steve. I mean, what facts are to be checked in a blog book? A company says yes or no that we blog and it was on this date we started and we sold 10M widgets because of it? Does anyone fact check when Scoble and Shel say that MS is the most naked corporation in the world? That’s an opinion not a fact.

30 Jan 06 | steven streight the mind design guy vaspers the grate wrote …

Many large corporations have a cynical attitude toward the lowly “consumer”. Many think we are easy to influence, and we will buy anything if it is hyped hard enough.

Until recently, they may have been correct. But now, with the Information Explosion and Blog Revolution, the tables are turned.

Why can’t I dance a Irish jig on the grave of corporate idiocy?

I’m a blogger. Bloggers are known to be sharp tongued. Corporations are known to be arrogant. Thus, it takes strong speech and forceful attitude to get through.

When people say bloggers are harsh, I laugh.

How harsh are corporations? Some top executives raid the pension fund, exploit Third World countries, hire illegal immigrants, operate sweat shops, offshore outsource sensitive data work, etc.

And we are to pussyfoot around them? Not me, baby.


You may think I really am rather bombastic, bellicose, or belligerent.

But check this out, a quote I posted yesterday at Naked Conversations:

"...the internet was built on and thrives on the strong voices of its participants. Online you need to have a strong character in order to stand out from the crowd...articulate, witty, ridiculous, and loud.

...Being blah guarantees that you'll never be heard.

...Better to be known for your strong beliefs, your strong personality.

Better to be hated by some than ignored by everyone."

--Nick Usborne, Net Words (McGraw-Hill, 2002), p. 40, 41

Just remember, if you yourself are on the side of Truth, Goodness, and the Universal Ethical have nothing to fear from me.


More on this debate at Blogcritics, over Frey's "A Million Little Pieces" and Oprah:


My comment posted at that BlogCritics article referenced above:


Sharp Tongued Bloggers Unite!

I am so pleased to see people actually praise Truth and ask, "Since when does America approve of lying your way through life?"

Since Ad Agencies, Politicians, and Corrupt Corporations made a science out of it, and were oh so charming as they screwed us.

How could even Oprah believe all that silly exaggeration and stereotyping?

Publishers may state "we took the memoirs on trust". Means: "We are too inept and cheap to hire good fact-checkers."

Be harsh and abrasive about it dear bros and sistahs. They are arrogant, these publishers and rich folk. Hit them and kick them into submission via blog comments and posts.

Yeah, buddy!


[signed] steven edward streight aka vaspers the grate

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