Saturday, January 28, 2006

eyes wide shut

There was a man who refused to open his eyes.

"I'm trusting in the goodness of the Universe," he would explain.

Others warned him about the dangers of automobile traffic, fire hydrants in the middle of the sidewalk, ice, debris in the path, yet he continued to keep his eyes closed.

For a long time, he was safe.

His friends and relatives tried to guide him and help him cross busy intersections. He grew more and more confident in his optical darkness. He began to proclaim that he was Specially Favored by universal laws, karma, good intentions, guardian angels, or whatever self-justifying delusion his imagination could supply at any given moment.

He mocked Open Eyers, as he called them.

In a recent New Age seminar he promoted heavily, called "Walking by Faith and Not Sight," he said:

"Open Eyers use vision as a crutch. They aren't spiritually advanced like me.

I am proving the Benevolence of Protective Spirit Guides. My good karma is my safety.

I move by Divine Revelation and Good Intentions.

Open eyes are easily deceived by optical illusions and mirages. We see only what we want to see.

Since I physically see nothing, I remain undeceived."

A week after that seminar, he was struck by a car and killed. His darkness and resistance to sight was what deceived him and lulled him into a warm and fuzzy feeling of invincibility.

MORAL: Why tempt fate and do what you have been warned is dangerous? Internet predators are invading in ever increasing numbers. MySpace is full of sexual deviants and adults pretending to be teenagers with similar musical tastes.

"You like Stereolab and chocolate Ovaltine. I do too. Let's hook up!"

Then your teenage daughter is raped and murdered and tossed into a ditch. By a 48 year old geezer who posed online as a teen hipster. Guess who's at fault? Mom, Dad, you are to blame.

Wise up.

Protect your children from baby snatchers, stalkers, and child molesters.

Don't post photos of babies, under 18 year old children, home addresses, or other private information online.

To thwart Identity Theft, don't shop online or conduct any financial or medical transactions via the internet.

[signed] steven edward streight aka vaspers the grate

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