Saturday, January 21, 2006

I typed blogistics into the...

I typed blogistics into the text entry box that said Search the Web, and expected Google to find me a list of articles that contain the word "blogistics", that deal with blogistics.

But instead: I am transported to

a strange Google Start page that link-lists all their services, including Google Answers, Blogger, and Gmail. I have not seen it, nor did I expect it. Is it time for this shanty town migrant to recede from the shores of computerville and go to bed and stare at the ceiling until time to get up again?

Did I experience a tech flash wrinkle in the space-time (spam-face) continuum?

The link does not work, you'll get an Error Message, URL not found. The anomoly has vanished, Elvis has left the building. But---

---I copy and pasted that URL from my browser address bar. It has to be correct.

What was that sound? Who's there? what are t

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