Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Law of Stubborn Blogging

Law of

Your blog *will* produce results, if you keep at it.

How long? Who cares? Just keep at it.




listening to readers

visiting high quality blogs

posting comments at other blogs

publishing frequent posts.

Be stubborn. Ferocious. Relentlessly plodding along, not caring one fig about who likes you or how many comments you get. Screw comments. Keep on writing excellant blog posts, polished and gleaming. You're burning new paths to other worlds, blogger.

I feel like a blogger who stops, gives up, abandons the blogosphere, deletes his blog, departs forever, for me, a blogger who goes AWOL, is a disappointment to me personally.

I wish them well, I know they felt compelled to throw in the towel, but it's Blogicide.

Yes, it's blog death, the blog died, and a little point of light in my own blogospheric heart was extinguished.

I can't go there anymore. The blogger quit. That blog is gone. They do disappear, you know. Some say they fade away in pixelated decay. Others claim a Blog UFO uploads them and removes them to a distant galactic network museum for aliens to laugh at and feel superior to human beings, at least the ones who blog, and give up.

Don't give up.

Also don't think you can just post brilliant essays, and people will respond and compliment you. Forget it. There are millions upon millions of blogs, like stars in the visible sky. One blog is statistically insignificant, but still meaningful to someone, some others, those who read it.

Keep at it, and I don't want to hear any crybaby whining about ROI or comment loads.

You learn how to solve blogging problems, like how frequent to post, how to combat flamers, how to prevent abusive remarks and comment spam, community-building, RSS, and how to interact with readers.

Hey, blogger. If nobody posts comments, check your blog stats. If you have 100 people visiting your blog daily, you've got 100 silent readers.

So blog for your 100 silent, non-interactive readers.

Blog for Your Lurkers.

At least they are reading you. Specifically ask questions of your audience, and maybe then someone will post a reply. Invite comment, criticism, differing opinions.

Never worry about comments, other bloggers blogrolling you, or any other extraneous, peripheral details.

Even if your blog is made for a client, and that client expects some sort of measurable, tangible results, I still say, forget results. Keep that blog going.

Think of the telephone. Businesses were slow to catch on that they should have a telephone.

"Why would I want to talk to a customer?" they asked at first. "If they're on the phone, they're not in the store, so they can't buy anything. A telephone might even drive customers away. I'd get tied up yakking to some lady, instead of attending to customers in the store. No thanks. A telephone in my store? No way. No ROI that I can see."

Be a stubborn blogger. So what if you're an early adaptor and no one understands you. Keep at it. Okay? Thanks.

[signed] steven edward streight aka vaspers the grate

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