Thursday, January 12, 2006

MSM Dateline covers blogs

The MSM broadcast "Dateline" has now been forced to cover breaking stories in the blogosphere.

Or what they consider "breaking stories" in the blogosphere.

This is high humor, watching the MSM try to catch up to the blogosphere.

They are so lost in sheer nonsense, they think the biggest stories include Bill O'Reilly (sexual harrassment oaf) vs. David Letterman (called Bill Clinton "tubby", like the jerkoff Letterman is, the rich asshole) aguing about "The War Against Christmas".

My opinion on the removal of the 10 Commandments, the stripping of Christmas of all Christian meaning:

God hates [pseudo] Christians. He is angry that they worship CEO type pastors. He is angry that they act like gay marriage and abortion are the worst things humans do. God hates the [American] churches, which are nothing more that insipid country clubs and gossip fests.

On Christ-mass day, the churches were closed, but the stores were many cases. A great commentary on the lack of spirituality in the stinking cesspool of America.

That's why God is allowing, nay, enabling and helping the ACLU and other "liberal" diversity enforcement groups to get rid of any mention of God, Bible, or Jesus in the USA.

Nobody can shove God around. If references to God are disappearing, it's not due to liberal atheists winning the day. It's because God Himself is vacating the premises.

It's like God is done with the decadent and sleazy materialistic USA, and has moved on to more fertile fields, like China, Sub-sahara Africa, and Malaysia.

Just my opinion.

Now that I got that off my chest finally, and I rarely discuss religion or politics here, let's look at what the MSM program "Dateline" is doing re: blogs.


January 8, 2006 | 7:40 p.m. ET

Blogging on Dateline (Susan Leibowitz, Dateline producer; and Jesamyn Go, Dateline web producer)

On Sunday’s Dateline, Josh Mankiewicz reported about the “blog world.”

For the uninitiated, a “blog” is basically a “Web log,” a personal website where a person’s private thoughts are recorded, like an online diary. Other people can respond to these thoughts online, and blogs and bloggers communicate with each other. Like anything published, some blogs are more popular than others. Some are read by opinion makers, while others communicate mostly with one’s family members and friends. Click here for a dictionary definition.

If you didn’t know what the word meant, then we daresay you’re a bit behind. “Blog” was 2004’s “Word of the Year” according to Merriam-Webster.

So for this segment, we read through some of the postings online and enlisted the help of two companies that monitor Internet buzz (Technorati and Blogpulse) to find the most blogged-about topics on the ‘Net this week.

Here’s what was featured on Dateline:

Tell Dateline and Josh what you thought of the “Mank Blog” segment by writing in the space below:

"What did you think of the Mank blog? Tell us what you think... and what you're reading online. Your e-mails may be published."

And to read up on blogs, and what’s hot online (it’s changing all the time), here are links from Technorati, BlogPulse, and


Like I always say: the MSM has no clue what a blog or web site is.

They simply can't understand online anything.

Want proof?

Look at all the amateur "click here" wording.

Friends, this is Web Design 101, one of the most basic mistakes. Never NEVER use "click here" as a hypertext link. Links are usually in blue type and underlined. This text decoration makes them stand out. Thus, readers notice them, and seek to gain information from what is in bold, underlined, different color, etc.

"Click here" contains no information, it is just a command.

Rather than "click here for more information", the wording should be, for example, "learn more about ghost blogs", with "ghost blogs" the hyper text that is a link to another online location.

Notice also how the " writing in the space below" is a lie.

There is a space below, but you cannot put your cursor there and type in a comment. And when I voted the lowest possible rating for this dumb article, then the comments appeared.

Very very strange...and violations of user expectations abound.

That's right MSM, keep up the lousy unprofessional work, as usual.

[signed] Steven Streight aka Vaspers the Grate

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CyberGal said...

Psudo religion appears to pull your chain the way the "alternative" health movement pulls mine. Since when has the main-line culture ever picked up on any "new" movement. After blogging has been around for, oh 20 years, they'll start to pay attention.