Sunday, January 22, 2006

Over-bloggerization and Blog Psychosis

and Blog Psychosis

The phenomenon of Over-bloggerization, also known as Blog Psychosis, occurs when a blogger considers their blog to be more important than money, life, or music itself.

Experts had a solid grasp of the blogging-induced disease spectrum, but no reliable symptomology or progressive sequence of blogistic events that culminate in the dreaded dysfuntion in the core of the blogger's ego, self, and personality.

The blog has a mysterious power of seduction, in that it can replace your normal, unblog personality with grotesque and towering mutation that overshadows and causes to cower every adversary, bully, and thought cop.

The negative side of this blessing is that it may also outmanever and overcome your core sense of who and what you are. The insidious invasive aggression of blog-induced identity decay can be catastrophic in effect and hopelessly irreversible.

Over-bloggerization generally occurs in the sequence of events, and tends to be seen in bloggers with 6 months to 3 years continuous blogging/commenting experience.

(Blog Psychosis)
Event Sequence:

(1) Blog Elation.

(2) Blog Confusion.

(3) Blog Comment Ecstasy.

(4) Blog Citation Euphoria.

(5) Blog Conference Inanity.

(6) Blog Clique & Cloister Syndrome.

(7) Blog Myopia & Narcissistic Cathexis.

(8) Blog Hyper-Mania/Melancholia.

(9) Blog Parenthetically Installed as Rehab Superego.

(10) Blog Over-valuation Morbidity.

(11) Blogopathic Reaction Formation.

(12) Blog Ambiguity Crisis.

(13) Blog Replication of Introjected Archaic Object.

[we have now passed the point of no return, no remedy]

(14) Blog Apotheosis Dissemblancing.

(15) Blog Psychosis--total permanent loss of original pre-blog personality and goals.

It is only when your blog becomes your surrogate, psychic shadow, extension, or facsimile, and this may take months, that you face any danger of the ruinous road to Over-bloggerization, Blog Psychosis, and the irrevocable vanishing of your former self.

[signed] steven streight aka vaspers the grate


carrie said...

that's very interesting.
are you going to elaborate on these symptoms?

i think you've discussed it before, anyway... but it's interesting.

and i'm not sure if you are joking or serious.

MARYBETH said...


whatever you do , DONT let the drug corporations get hold of this defined mental maelstrom, or they will spend billions of dollars of the tax payers money to come up with more drugs that cost more money, and eventually we will need home loans to afford a simple anti-biotic.

steven edward streight said...

Carrie: I'm dead funny serious in jest real sober about all this.

Sure, I'm being comical, but have a grim truth to speak forth: blogging can be addictive, blog addicts are like crack heads, and blog psychosis is happening.

One think I have not explained sufficiently, nor do I myself completely understand the cause of it:

bloggers and comment posters, in blogs or any online forum venue, are very sensitive to what is written, very easy depressed or angered by negative comments.

THis fact, I presume, is a major element of eventual narcissistic ego collapse, my clumsy way of saying "mental meltdown", nervous breakdown, freak out city.

The disease is not funny. But I try to make it seem sort of ridiculous, to make the glum reality of it penentrate human consciousness.

MB: Brilliant comment about the PharmaNazis who want to dope up everybody on planet Gaia.

Let's indeed not let them give this a clinical picture and treatment program.

Here comes the Buspar, Ativan, Prozac, Ritalin, Zoloft, Thorazine, Lithium, Artane Sequel, Xanax squad, the modern witchcraft posse, pharmakeia = Greek for "manipulating other minds via magical incantation mixed with hypnogogic herbs and psychotropic lab-artificials and analogues.

carrie said...

i think i need to shake the disease.

CGHill said...

A really good narcissist wouldn't be thrown by an occasional negative comment.

steven edward streight said...

It would depend on in what surface sheen he saw his reflection.

One Narcissus myth states that when he saw his mirror image, he fell under the sway of a Domination System, and went under, drowning in the hypnogogic gloom of his auto-intoxication.

But if the narcissistic, self-obsessed blogger falls in love with his reflection, as reflected in comments, reader praise and approval, the blogger will suffer narcissistic collapse.

The Narcissist is not in love with self, but with the reflection, what gives back to him his own image, detached from his substance. Like a shadow.

Mirror as negative shadow. Shadow as reverse mirror.

steven edward streight said...

A copy & paste of a conversation node from this post:

Comments: Psychotic reaction

I blame it, my self, on John C. Dvorak. He has goaded me and spurred me on in my Blog Comedy writing, and I sometimes wonder if anyone cares a flying fig about my more "serious", "sober", "unsecretive" essays?

When I slip into Whisper Transmission Mode 3-12, I catch some degree of voluptuosity, a mild ridiculous breeziness that sings.

Of course, we must all try to be mature, and avoid such ugly sounding habits as "blogging". Unfortunately, we cannot. So, we operate blogs. We create and tweak and enhance and maintain and write and respond to comments and link to other blogs and post comments on other blogs.

The thing we are famous for is sharp-tongued, point blank ferocity of shooting off our unbridled mouths.

Let us stay sharp-tongued, quick-witted, deeply informed, massively contemplative...and recognize the focus follies of MSM for exactly what they are.

These, I guess you could say, "steps" (more actually: "slides") down the polarized pole toward Blog Psychosis are not without some humor, charm, exhiliration, and Wittgensteinian zetel (sporadic, uneven quality, notes of insight).

A healthy diet of Hugo Ball, Derrida, Warhol, Blanchot, Lacan, Twain, Hemingway, Dickens, O. Henry, or your personal favorites, should stem the tide.

Posted by vaspers the grate at 11:10 AM, 25 January 2006

carrie said...

you have amazing writing ability