Thursday, February 09, 2006

bloggers are revolutionists

You are not random pieces of amphibian crud.

You, blogger, are a living act of aggression against Global Mind Control.

You, blogger, are a continuous behavioral pattern of deconstruction of your personality, your faith, your feelings, your own opinions. You hate and persecute anything that threatens Free Speech, Free Food, and Free Music.

Speaking of music, it can soothe and it can also give you that kick in the rump we all need from time to time. I listen to protest music of every stripe I can find, except white supremacy, misanthropy, or religious intolerance cultism, and crank it up.

The harder the better. You know: Noize Punishment, Ambassador 21, Atari Teenage Riot, Skin Chamber, Tourniquet, Attrition, Techno Animal, Bob Dylan.

You can feel the Passion, Angst, Pain, Anguish coming through the music.

If you don't listen to some purely violent music now and then, and I mean really violent in every possible musical way, I ask you: where's yr Passion?

Skip the soft stuff and go for the gusto once in a while. It might light a fire where only a soggy mess sits now.

You, Guy-blogger or She-blogger, are a Revolutionist. You already know till your ready to puke that this is a Blog Revolution, Information Catastrophe, Communications Mutiny.

Look upward.

Domination Systems have left the building. The universal electro-telepathic realm we call The Blogosphere: it's ours now and maybe for a while longer.

You quit your whining and weeping about no comments, no link popularity, no reason to go on blogging. I fired the violin players long ago. No droopy drippings allowed.

Either blog until your head falls off, or get out.

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