Thursday, February 16, 2006

China Sucks: torture, etc. of Falun Gong

Here's another reason why the Communist government of China, and the people who will not rise up against it and overthrow it, SUCK.

"China's fight with Falun Gong"

Chinese government is torturing and imprisoning peaceful citizens.

I've watched a Falun Gong video from the local library. It used overt hypnotic techniques. The cult leader said: "I'm going to now deposit within you a [something mystical, like an inner mantra mechanism] so that you will always automatically be practicing Falun Gong Buddhism, even while you work and sleep." (my paraphrase, but very close to actual quote)

Falun Gong leader will implant a mystical "device" within me? No thanks. Stupid.

Yet, I defend their right to free expression, functioning web sites, and freedom of association. Paranoid Commie China government wishes only to repress.

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Anonymous said...

YEah China does suck even the China as a name sucks.