Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Electro Telepathic Planet

My email message today to Christa N. Hines, University of Nebraska, Omaha, School of Communication. She mentions her interest in corporate blogging and Dialogic Communications. I thought it might be nice to share my reply to her.

[QUOTE--my email to Christa]

Do you have a blog? You ought to. You need to get flamed, trolled, abused, out-debated, sleaze-linked, comment spammed, trackback spammed, and all the other nuances of the nightmare of anarchy bloggging. I love it. I especially, as a CEO and marketing consultant blogger, I love negative hateful comments directed against me.

Negative comments confront, prod, provoke, evolve you. You grow in blogocombat finesse, thinking and debating skills. I got flamed like crazy for my "Against RSS" blog post of about a year ago. Now I'm a radical RSS advocate and learner of its esoteric and exoteric indugences.

You a writer? Then write weirdly. Be totally unique, be more like yourself than anybody else.

The corporate conversation is the new revolution, social media, web hybrids, power to the people and the invasion of Post-Enron audit reformations and quantum leap innovations.

Businesses that listen to and respond favorably to customers will be the only ones left standing in a few years.

And the lucky remnant will be fighting each other mercilessly with electro-telepathic advances.

When our biological dreamworlds start connecting with each other, via electro-tranmissable neuro-exchangers, even the machines will be in trouble.

The world in a word: a giant robot, inevitable unreal servo-mechanism insurgencies. Automaton Mutiny. Viva Virtual. Dead On Digital. The Humachine. The Robocorporation. Machines talking to each other. Eavesdropping on us.

Blogs, IM, wikis, glogs, etc. assist humans in navigating nature and virtuality, which is replacing nature, and eventually us.

See my "Not against flesh and blood, but robots" for why we must continue to form connnections and conversations with customers, family, clients, colleagues, mentors, proteges, the global turned-on, frenzy-interactive, hooked-up village of Electro-Earth [electro-telepathic planet].

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