Thursday, February 09, 2006

Exo-blog promo: be an expert

Are you an expert? Is your blog your way of displaying your skills, ideas, scholarship, proficiency?

Here is an "exo-blog" strategy, something you can do outside the blogosphere, to promote your expertise.

Listen to direct marketing specialist, and blogger, Robert Bly in his book Selling Your Services (Henry Holt, 1991, p.76)...

Other service providers position themselves as experts by sending letters to editors that say, in essence, "I am an expert in so-and-so subject, and I am very open to being interviewed by the media. So if you ever do a story on so-and-so subject, and need information, feel free to call me."
The strategy here is to offer yourself as a source.
Many editors and reporters are not experts in the topics they write about, and are in constant need of experts they can interview--frequently on a moment's notice.
If you have expertise in a subject they cover, and are cooperative and available when they need you, they'll interview you.
The benefit? You get quoted as an expert source in the article, your name is given visibility, and you become known as an authority in your field.
When mailing such a letter...include a printed Rolodex card the reporter or editor can keep on file....
When being interviewed, always have some free booklet or brochure [or URL to announce] to offer listeners, and make sure you give your name and address [email and blog/site URL, Skype name], so listeners can contact you to receive your material. ...clear this with the host or interviewer before you go on.


Thanks for sharing this great tip in your book, Robert. Hope people buy it now that I've mentioned it.

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