Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Increase comments with comment post blitz

Not getting many comments on your blog?

Here's just about the best cure there is: a comment post blitz.

A blitz is a sudden-onset, overwhelming onrush of aggression or benevolent activity, a shock and awe wave of tsunami proportions and laser perforations. It means a massive attack, a huge campaign, sprawling almost out of control, with incredible precision and impact.

So, go post comments on about 40 to 100 blogs, starting with blogs of those who have posted comments on your blog ("reciprocal commenting"), then blogs you've already posted comments on in the past, then to whatever blogs you have on your blogroll, and so on and on and on.

If you post comments on that many blogs, 40 to 100, and the comments are good, I guarantee you'll get some comments on your blog.

Just make sure your comments are (1) relevant, (2) smart, (3) interesting, (4) well written, (5) funny or profound or anecdotally clever, (6) brief as possible, (7) not spammy, not embedding a link to one of your posts, (8) not self-serving, (9) tailored to that blog's audience and atmosphere, (10) assertive, (11) friendly, (12) helpful, (13) insightful, (14) complimentary.


carrie said...

that's what i do... when i feel like having new input to my blog, i go out and leave comments on new blogs. they almost always follow the link back to my blog. even if they don't leave a comment, it's good to know that new eyes are being exposed to my work. :-)

steven edward streight said...

Yes, very good of you sport.

I don't care, though, about eyeballs eyeballing my I Blog blog.

I know that blogging is typing words into space...the digital effluvium.

But I love my readers, lurkers, and comment posters. I think they know that.