Sunday, February 19, 2006

Quit spanking me (pretty please with sugar on top)

Will someone please tell me why Blog Core Values syndication feed subcribers just now took a huge downward spiral plunge?

My feed subscribers, holding steady at 12 to 16 persons, has suddenly dropped to just 4.

Is there a problem with Feedburner?

I can't think of any super controversial posts that have been put up here lately. Or is everyone just getting wasted watching the negative Morbid Stream Media coverage of the Olympics, and are taking their anger out on poor little BCV?

Surely, I don't have nothing but Mao Pinkos reading this rag, do I? Or frumpy butt business schmucks who are racing to eat China's butt hole to sell products in that crap ass totalitarian regime?

I'm so civil, polite, and freaking gentle to all my enemies, it can't be that I've alienated everyone with my posting policies? Right?

Oh well. I'll Google "Feedburner subscriber problems" or something. And I'll look at my Sitemeter stats.

Stay tuned.


Charles G said...

I'm still reading! This is a cool blog!

steven edward streight said...

Thanks Charles. My friends say it may be a technical Feedburner problem. Who knows? Who cares?

WE must blog until our head falls off...and not worry about anything at all. Persistence Wins.

Eric said...

Looks like you are back up to 14 again! Just so you know, there is usually a "weekend dip" in the subscriber statistic. This is due to the fact that desktop aggregators like FeedDemon won't poll if they are not opened up (as opposed to web based aggregators that poll all the time regardless). Therefore, when people are home on the weekends and not turning on their computers the subscriber number drops. If you have any more questions about FeedBurner just ping me. Thanks!

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