Tuesday, February 28, 2006

reports of my "suicide" are a bit over the top

Rumors of my self-immolation or despondency leading to auto-cannibalism? Not entirely true. I am, thanks to your prayers and substantial financial contributions funneled through one Paul "Tin/Blog-Basher" Woodhouse...who receives a small token fee for fussing with PayPal and PayPal Phishing pukes.

I have a plan for taking back my poor old Vaspers the Grate web site/blog.

But I'm too busy reading Catch-22, Gonzo Marketing, and Patanjali's Yoga Sutras right now to deal with it.

Plus, I'm frankly just not getting the Google Juice or Blogosphere Buzz that I desperately longed for, by going into hiding, fearing for my wife and family and new home, afraid to look for that dishwashing job I need to cure my frozen shoulder/geek neck/etc.

You want news and theoretical underpinnings related to the 9+ Core Values of Blogging. Me too. So why won't one of my loyal friends of this lowly blog SEND ME something to publish here...while I fight off irate IT guys in hostile environments, who know how to hack into and pillage anybody's blog, including yours?

Thanks. I shall return...with MORE...and MUCH MORE....soon. (i hope)

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