Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Unmasking a spam blog

Now I reveal, unmask, demystify the Spam Blog.

I was going to embed a link to a link farm or "spam blog", but thought better of it, and am refraining. I have no wish to drive traffic to a traffic-driving site.

Instead, I'll describe what I saw, in my ongoing efforts to pre-surf the web and filter out detrimental sites...for my readers' benefit.

It was a Blogger/Blogspot blog that I visited and suddenly realized what I had done. I had followed a link to an Enemy Blog. Now, I share what I learned and observed.

I knew it was a Spam Blog, when I clicked on the link to it that was embedded in a Vaspers the Grate comment submission awaiting my moderation. I deleted it, instead of publishing. I clicked on "Reject this comment".

I know it was a Spam blog, because the Blogger Profile contained NO INFORMATION. No real name, no email address, no profile categories (favorite books, movies, etc.).

Spam blogs are usually anonymous, no profile information, no contact info, no grounding in any reality, floaters, sewage, blogo-pondscum.

Heavily linked generic copy and paste or minimalistic, impersonal text.

Links go to target sites to build traffic, to "send web surfers to" other sites. Hope to boost search engine rank. May attempt to attach, upload, install worms, viruses, Trojans, keystroke/printer command/page view logger spyware, or other malware/annoyware to your system or network.

It happened like this: it was a pseudo blog dealing with MySpace dangers and teen web surfing safety. But it was not a real human person behind it. It is a program posing as a human, or it has a human or group of people behind it, but with

... covert intentions.

Scams. Computer hijacking. Zombification of your network. Security exploits.

[signed] steven edward streight aka vaspers the grate

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