Sunday, February 12, 2006

Your blog is selling you

Your blog is a sales tool.

NO--I don't mean you are selling, or could sell, products on it.

I mean, your blog sells YOU...with every post, every sidebar enhancement, and every new design.

You're selling your humor, expertise, style, content, presentation, information, personality, human warmth, altruism, compassion, and other reader benefits--like links to cool sites and safe downloads.

You're in sales if you deal with people in any way at all. We are all sales professionals, by default, by being social creature. You could do worse than to study a sales professional's book on how to sell. It could improve your situation at work, at home, and among friends.

Sales is simply being mindful of words, feelings, and needs. Being scientifically, almost Buddhistically, attentive to the powers and effects of direct communication. Knowing more about good sales techniques can help your blog. Your blog is a store selling opinions, news, links, or expertise.

Sales is just street smarts, hardened psychology. Selling is guiding another's actions in regard to their money purse. It's getting them to open the gates and allow some treasures to flow your way.

Dating is a sales relationship. So is parenting. Children must be "sold" on your authority, integrity, and reliability.

Blogging also is sales. Your blog is working hard to sell you and your opinions or know-how to an audience of readers.


How to Master the Art of Selling
by Tom Hopkins
(Warner Books, 1982)

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