Monday, February 13, 2006

Your hate posts may pin a crime on you

Blogs and murder are intimately connected, and we can be glad.

Stupid bloggers, who happen to be pychopathic killers, are blabbering all their thoughts and feelings on their blogs.

Law enforcement officials are happy that personal trivia bloggers post so much on their blogs.

They say that blogs are a series of snapshots of a person's inner self. Regardless of how much is strictly factual, a personal trivia blog can provide "motive", "key witnesseses", "intent", and many other clues that can help solve serious crimes.

Also, victims are leaving blog posts behind, posts that contain clues or direct references to those who seemed to wish harm to the blogger, like an alcoholic ex-boyfriend or a vengeful neighbor. Bloggers use such little discrimination when posting, they are a goldmine of criminal investigation information.

So, the next time you feel like venting, expressing your loathing for a person, for example, just hope nobody kills that person any time soon. Because, if your blog contains probable motive, you may be a suspect. And many who are in prison are innocent, as DNA tests and other evidence have proven.

So, even if you're Not Guilty, you might still accidentally be convicted, based on what you write in your blog.

"Killers, victims post their thoughts on personal Web pages"

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