Friday, March 31, 2006

grim, glum, gloom

If you pay attention to what's going on in Iraq, Afghanistan, U.S. Congress lobbying scandal, etc., there seems to be a universal hopelessness, defeat, disaster.

No browser is worth a shit. I have to use 4 browsers (IE, Firefox, Avant, Opera) to get any work done. They keep crashing or freezing up, or can't handle blog post format tools, etc.

Experts are predicting major vulnerabilities in Windows, April Fools Day cyber attacks, including email messages that link to malicious sites. An online Tsunami/Katrina is predicted, that could wipe out servers and even delete your web sites and blogs.

How does that sound?

Grim? Glum? Gloom? You betcha.

The world and the internet really are getting worse all the time, and the pace is escalating.

I predict that there is going to be a major shake up soon, and many web sites and blogs will be wiped off the face off the web. I hope I'm wrong, but the negligence of operating system and browser providers is incredible, almost unbelievable in scope.

MySpace predators, identity theft, constant futile wars, the list goes on and on.'s the time to figure out what your values and ethics are. Now's the time to take a stand on morality, fairness, and altruism.

I suggest we band together, strike back, and foment peaceful revolutions that overthrow all corrupt systems, leaders, and institutions.

My favored way to force revolution to occur is by being prophetic via web and business analysis, by setting a good example for others, by encouraging the young, and by treating every creature, including spiders, squirrels, and birds, with respect and tenderness.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

are get rich quick blogs a hoax?

The difficult job of media-transformation and self-definition, ideal-propagation, is not a piecemeal turnkey operation, no matter how one slices it.

A direct mail template, a dirty day, it all amounts to a small pillow of change. Changing as we mend, winding as we weave a tangled web of interesting blase gizmos, clinging as we lend.

No one ever makes money with a blog. You make money with good, frequent, relevant, inspiring, instructional, helpful content, and/or desired functionalities, that reside in your web site or blog...or...portal.

In another ghost dimension, there thrive.

Blogging is nothing if not typing words into space. It disappears like a non-event into the digital effluvium.

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"Every time I turn around, I find I'm shot. Every time I sit around, I find I'm shocked." -- PAVEMENT, "Summer Babe"

"The modern age is portrayed as a time in which individuals, groups, nations, and whole cultures are caught up in a process of technological transformation which affects every sphere of life and which pulverizes pre-existing social alternatives." -- Langdon Winner, Autonomous Technology (MIT, 1977, p. 52)

Friday, March 17, 2006

web hoax buster: Webmasters with no mastery

Friends, there is a web builders group in town, selling attendance tickets for its dog and pony show on how to supposedly make money on the internet.

The outfit is called Webmasters [dot] org.

When I inspected their own site, it failed in nearly every usability and credibility characteristic.

For example, to determine who is money trailing them, I clicked on Partners tab. I was greeted evasively, non-professionally with this stupid error message:

"Welcome to Webmasters [dot] org
Coming soon."

That's what this "money making technology" web site provided in its Partners page? Folks, this is so amateur, suspect, and deceptive, it's ridiculous. It deceives by way of the tab seeming to indicate the existence of real Partners, but if you bother yourself to click on the Partners tab, you are given NO INFORMATION about any "partners".

It's a hoax.

I clicked on the Become a Partner tab. Ditto. Nothing. "Coming soon." Yeah, right. More like "permanently under feigned construction".

I clicked on the Corporate Team tab. Same-o same-o. Not a drop of information, a big blank.

So Webmasters [dot] org has NO Partners, NO way to Become a Partner, and NO Corporate Team. It is just one guy, apparently, whose name is given.

But they, or he, or it, Webmasters [dot] org, does have a seminar or jamboree or snake oil sales show. If you want to pay money and waste time attending. Buy your tick-cuts now.

This web hoax busting was brought to you by Vaspers the Grate, home of fine web hoax busting technology and techniques.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Walmart Edelman & New Reformed Insane Blog Media Network

My dear friend and ally, Richard Edelman is under attack for what was possibly a mistake. He did something with cut and paste bloggers to promote or defend WalMart, or something like that. I'm too busy to fuss with it. It barely got on my radar screen.

I know NOTHING about the case, yet here I am, being a "typical blogger", and doing what CyberGal said she can do: blabber on and on about something I know absolutely NOTHING about.

My comment on Kami Huyse blog Communication Overtones, on the post dealing with Edelman and WalMart.


Here I come patting Richard Edelman on the back, as my arms sally forth. Edelman is a genius gentleman of the highest moral caliber, and a marketing mind of great impact.

I consider Edelman an ally, a friend, and a collaborator. He has contributed material to my blogs and to at least two of my upcoming books on social media topics.

Now I have not looked into all this Walmart fussiness. I am against all "buzz agenting". I am against Paid Opinion Blogging, in posts or comments.
But I go to another extreme.

I have begun to launch the lurching New Reformed Insane Blog Media Network.

Brains, blogs, and castration blades at your service, sir (or ma'am)!
Highly trained psycho "buzz agent destroyers" will flame mercilessly those sissypants flamers and trollers who try to damage your corporate reputation and mission.

GUARANTEED Nervous Breakdowns: one flamer at a time.


Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Asshat "Hoax Marketing" for idiots

Wanker "author" and loser "marketing guru" Joe Vitale is up to his dirty, unethical tricks again.

I hesitate to even post this, because I don't want to give the turd any more publicity than he has already obtained in a shady, degraded, debased manner.

Anyone who calls their system "Hypnotic Marketing" is bound to be bad news.

What's next, "Spell Casting Marketing"? "Human Sacrifice Marketing"? "Black Magic Marketing"? "Bewitched Marketing"? "Put Unsuspecting Customers in a Trance to Make Them Buy More Crap"?

I sure hope not. Marketing and advertising are already insane and stupid enough, we don't need to add superstitious bullshit into the mix.

Anyway, here is an schmuck using lies and hoaxes to "market" his new crap book.

Do you think it's perfectly okay to use deception, false advertising, and guile to sell a product? I think marketers are obligated to follow strict moral principles and tell the truth, creatively, but honestly.

Notice that the "link" to "prnewswire" is a false entity. You go to a page that contains this "news story", but see that button in the upper left? It says "web site". Weird, huh? Guess what it's the Joe Vitale blog Mr. Fire. This is so pathetic, it's funny.


Hoax Concerning the Powerball Lottery...

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M., March 7 /PRNewswire/ --


Joe Vitale, Internet marketingguru and author, confessed today on his blog, that he financed the recent hoax of the Powerball lottery as an Internet marketing strategy for his already bestselling book, "The Attractor Factor: 5 Easy Stepsfor Creating Wealth (or Anything Else) from the Inside Out."

"I hired Alan Abel to pull this grand hoax," admitted Vitale, 52. "Abel has been hoaxing the media since the 1950s."

When the Powerball lottery showed a winner for the grand prize of$365,000,000, the largest jackpot in American history, Abel got his friend, radio DJ Bob Pagani, to pose as an unemployed truck driver who held thewinning ticket.

Pagani walked into a deli, announced that he was the lotto winner and bought meals for everyone. The news media were called by a restaurant employee. Good Morning America and World News Tonight, among many others, did on-camera interviews with Pagani.

Pagani said he picked the winning lotto numbers by reading Vitale's book, which he carried throughout the publicity stunt.

According to Vitale's blog, it's all part of a three-step master Internetmarketing strategy to sell more copies of his book, "The Attractor Factor" as well as his new book, "Life's Missing Instruction Manual".

Step One is the stunt itself, which was covered by the Associated Pressand seen on national television.

Step Two will be to leverage the media coverage into book sales, which hasn't begun since the first step hasn't died down yet.

Step Three will be to turn the event into a documentary, as well as a book.

"It takes guts to carry off a stunt like this," confesses Vitale. "I hired Alan Abel because even at 81 he's the smartest and most courageous hoaxer alive today."

Vitale is no stranger to publicity stunts. He wrote a business book on P.T. Barnum's secrets in "There's A Customer Born Every Minute." He says he is a disciple of the circus showman.

"You know Barnum's name today because of some of his humbugs. You may know my name a hundred years from now because of this hoax involving the Powerball lottery. But for now, I just want to sell some books," said Vitale.


We have to make up our minds.

Blog Core Values is a site that has strong moral values:

(1) Authenticity: this book promotion stunt is Not Authentic. The value of the book is not the star, nor the intelligence of the author. What is in the spotlight is a prank, a con artist's trick.

(2) Passion: Joe Vitale has no real passion for his book and ideas. If he had a true, burning passion about genuine, smart marketing, he wouldn't need to use a lie, a hoax, or a false story to sell anything.

(3) Transparency: Joe Vitale abhors this value, since if you could see through him, you'd see his insincerity and desperation to make more money. This is secret plotting, scheming behind the scenes, in the dark.

(4) Credibility: Vitale has zero credibility now.

(5) Individualism: again, if Vitale had this quality, to a strong degree, he could use his uniqueness to sell books. Deprived of any true individualism, he resorts to a stunt to attract media attention, to gain notoriety.

(6) Creativity: this hoax is a practical joke, not imaginative, just stupid.

(7) Originality: this hoax is imitative of other manipulative acts by similarly untalented schmucks.

(8) Relevance: the hoax is not relevant to anything except the clueless desperation of its perpetrator.

(9) Integrity: we cannot trust any person who thinks he has to stoop this low to trick people into buying his fucked up shit.

Isn't that exactly what "Hypnotic Marketing" and "Hoax Salesmanship" is?

Just tricking, scamming, manipulating maliciously?

I think you know the answer already.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

turn everything into revolution

Can you?

Try to!

You can do it.

Just simply look at all your habits, behaviors, thoughts, opinions, attitudes, goals, dreams, secrets...and question them.

Where did they come from? How long they been hanging around? How useful are they now? Can you really justify or explain them?

Look at your office. Your blog. What needs to be improved? What marketable skills do you need to obtain? Is your blog design old and boring? Can you enhance your sidebar?

Yesterday, I started adding Amazon Associates and other ads to my blogs. I wanted only very prestigious, relevant, and quality type products to be represented in my advertisements. I did not want annoying, ugly, or dubious ads cluttering my blogs.

I changed the design template for Blog Core Values today. Hope you and I like it. I still need to fix a few things in it. Like the comment field. And post title text size. Etc.

I love revolution, change, upset, mental catastrophe, existential disturbance, metaphysical cataclysm, personal transformation, and professional upheaval.

I enjoy challenge, debate, teamwork, progress, and mental evolution.

So I try to reflect all that in my blogs and in my music compositions.

Since I read somewhere, in Hafsa's "Blog Addict" list of symptoms, that a lame thing to do is to post about going to bed. So mark me down as goofy....

Goodnight amigos!

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

great internet myths

Are you lonely and bored?

I could use a few seconds of your time, then.

I need someone to research, briefly, the following items that I strongly suspect to be FTP falsehoods, IT errors, digital doggerel, browser bull, and plain lying myths:

(1) porn supports the internet

(2) pornography is protected "free speech"

(3) DRM is the answer to RIAA and Hollywood problems

(4) blogs began in 2002

(5) most blogs are in English

(6) the MSM has a chance in hell of making a "come back"

(7) RSS is the opposite of Search Engining

(8) blog ads have to be ugly, irrelevant, and annoying

(9) Tom Peters, Pete Drucker, and W. Edward Deming are okay for upstart new start-up companies but too cumbersome to implement in large established organizations

(10) making ecommerce pay off is difficult

(11) e-cash works only for PayPal, and will not other realms

(12) corporations need change only slightly and painlessly to survive in the New Share / User Driven Economy.

You want to occupy your bad self with trivia that could change the blogosphere, web, net, and whatever exists outside them?

Ping me!

Later, aggregator....


P.S. You WILL visit CyberGal and post comments to cheer her up! Please....? Do it now, while you still can! She is about to be a famous podcaster!