Tuesday, March 21, 2006

are get rich quick blogs a hoax?

The difficult job of media-transformation and self-definition, ideal-propagation, is not a piecemeal turnkey operation, no matter how one slices it.

A direct mail template, a dirty day, it all amounts to a small pillow of change. Changing as we mend, winding as we weave a tangled web of interesting blase gizmos, clinging as we lend.

No one ever makes money with a blog. You make money with good, frequent, relevant, inspiring, instructional, helpful content, and/or desired functionalities, that reside in your web site or blog...or...portal.

In another ghost dimension, there thrive.

Blogging is nothing if not typing words into space. It disappears like a non-event into the digital effluvium.

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Jim Kukral said...

I'm confused, what exactly are you saying about my service? That it's a hoax? How so?

steven edward streight said...

From the monopost blog (just one lonely comment-less post) Get Rich Quick dot blogspot, comes this snippet of the sole post:


Hey, we've all received those emails that offer the latest news on the best share offer.

Here's a guy who provides a "collection of junk messages containing “get rich quick” stock offers". Is he trying to tell me that shuldn't have put last weeks wages into The Zing Asbestos mine in Southern China? Gawdamit!!



This guy [me, Steven E. Streight aka Vaspers the Grate, and "This" is a link to this specific post]

uses words like; media-transformation, self-definition, ideal-propagation, piecemeal turnkey and a small pillow.

Not sure whether to laugh or cry.

I just looked closer and it is a serious website. He makes business blogs.

Will you make one for me please that will make me rich? (for free)


Here's a company that tells you to get rich whilst making zzzz's...

That idea, I like!

These guys say that..."Our services may have been instrumental in helping our clients make millions of dollars. (Even tens of millions.)"

They call themselves Context Cash.

Please guys, show me and all my readers how we can make tens of millions of dollars from you. Did I say please?

Please. I say that they have only one problem.

Their website is huge and says so much that by the time I got part way down the lunch that I started eating when I started the website was exchanged for dinner.. Can you guys show me in less words how to work with you to make $$$?


Dear anonymous non-blogger: No I will not bore you by creating a money-making blog for you to write only one post in.

Thanks for asking.

Keep at it. Your perseverence is a shining example for all of us.