Wednesday, March 01, 2006

great internet myths

Are you lonely and bored?

I could use a few seconds of your time, then.

I need someone to research, briefly, the following items that I strongly suspect to be FTP falsehoods, IT errors, digital doggerel, browser bull, and plain lying myths:

(1) porn supports the internet

(2) pornography is protected "free speech"

(3) DRM is the answer to RIAA and Hollywood problems

(4) blogs began in 2002

(5) most blogs are in English

(6) the MSM has a chance in hell of making a "come back"

(7) RSS is the opposite of Search Engining

(8) blog ads have to be ugly, irrelevant, and annoying

(9) Tom Peters, Pete Drucker, and W. Edward Deming are okay for upstart new start-up companies but too cumbersome to implement in large established organizations

(10) making ecommerce pay off is difficult

(11) e-cash works only for PayPal, and will not other realms

(12) corporations need change only slightly and painlessly to survive in the New Share / User Driven Economy.

You want to occupy your bad self with trivia that could change the blogosphere, web, net, and whatever exists outside them?

Ping me!

Later, aggregator....


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MARYBETH said...

I Like the nick name "VASPY"


IT guy Mollus Maximus said...

thin Q m'lady MaryBeth, Queen of the Desert and Roadrunners!