Friday, March 31, 2006

grim, glum, gloom

If you pay attention to what's going on in Iraq, Afghanistan, U.S. Congress lobbying scandal, etc., there seems to be a universal hopelessness, defeat, disaster.

No browser is worth a shit. I have to use 4 browsers (IE, Firefox, Avant, Opera) to get any work done. They keep crashing or freezing up, or can't handle blog post format tools, etc.

Experts are predicting major vulnerabilities in Windows, April Fools Day cyber attacks, including email messages that link to malicious sites. An online Tsunami/Katrina is predicted, that could wipe out servers and even delete your web sites and blogs.

How does that sound?

Grim? Glum? Gloom? You betcha.

The world and the internet really are getting worse all the time, and the pace is escalating.

I predict that there is going to be a major shake up soon, and many web sites and blogs will be wiped off the face off the web. I hope I'm wrong, but the negligence of operating system and browser providers is incredible, almost unbelievable in scope.

MySpace predators, identity theft, constant futile wars, the list goes on and on.'s the time to figure out what your values and ethics are. Now's the time to take a stand on morality, fairness, and altruism.

I suggest we band together, strike back, and foment peaceful revolutions that overthrow all corrupt systems, leaders, and institutions.

My favored way to force revolution to occur is by being prophetic via web and business analysis, by setting a good example for others, by encouraging the young, and by treating every creature, including spiders, squirrels, and birds, with respect and tenderness.


MARYBETH said...

by encouraging the young, and by treating every creature, including spiders, squirrels, and birds, with respect and tenderness."

carrie said...

foment is a cool word.

don't worry about V,
he is always like that... ;-)

by always, i mean... often... because nothing is ever always.

absolutely no absolutes

steven edward streight said...

When I see things that are messed up or unfair, it seems like others are just shrugging their shoulders.

Then they drive off in their Arab oil guzzling SUVs and put their teen boys on Ritalin, which they sell at school so they can buy pot and crystal.

So I tend to react in extremes to make up for the vast majority of dorks who are so passive and self centered, money-obsessed, and government supporting.