Saturday, March 04, 2006

turn everything into revolution

Can you?

Try to!

You can do it.

Just simply look at all your habits, behaviors, thoughts, opinions, attitudes, goals, dreams, secrets...and question them.

Where did they come from? How long they been hanging around? How useful are they now? Can you really justify or explain them?

Look at your office. Your blog. What needs to be improved? What marketable skills do you need to obtain? Is your blog design old and boring? Can you enhance your sidebar?

Yesterday, I started adding Amazon Associates and other ads to my blogs. I wanted only very prestigious, relevant, and quality type products to be represented in my advertisements. I did not want annoying, ugly, or dubious ads cluttering my blogs.

I changed the design template for Blog Core Values today. Hope you and I like it. I still need to fix a few things in it. Like the comment field. And post title text size. Etc.

I love revolution, change, upset, mental catastrophe, existential disturbance, metaphysical cataclysm, personal transformation, and professional upheaval.

I enjoy challenge, debate, teamwork, progress, and mental evolution.

So I try to reflect all that in my blogs and in my music compositions.

Since I read somewhere, in Hafsa's "Blog Addict" list of symptoms, that a lame thing to do is to post about going to bed. So mark me down as goofy....

Goodnight amigos!

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