Thursday, March 09, 2006

Walmart Edelman & New Reformed Insane Blog Media Network

My dear friend and ally, Richard Edelman is under attack for what was possibly a mistake. He did something with cut and paste bloggers to promote or defend WalMart, or something like that. I'm too busy to fuss with it. It barely got on my radar screen.

I know NOTHING about the case, yet here I am, being a "typical blogger", and doing what CyberGal said she can do: blabber on and on about something I know absolutely NOTHING about.

My comment on Kami Huyse blog Communication Overtones, on the post dealing with Edelman and WalMart.


Here I come patting Richard Edelman on the back, as my arms sally forth. Edelman is a genius gentleman of the highest moral caliber, and a marketing mind of great impact.

I consider Edelman an ally, a friend, and a collaborator. He has contributed material to my blogs and to at least two of my upcoming books on social media topics.

Now I have not looked into all this Walmart fussiness. I am against all "buzz agenting". I am against Paid Opinion Blogging, in posts or comments.
But I go to another extreme.

I have begun to launch the lurching New Reformed Insane Blog Media Network.

Brains, blogs, and castration blades at your service, sir (or ma'am)!
Highly trained psycho "buzz agent destroyers" will flame mercilessly those sissypants flamers and trollers who try to damage your corporate reputation and mission.

GUARANTEED Nervous Breakdowns: one flamer at a time.


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